Anyone going to a show this weekend?

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Jun 30, 2005
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Well, Are you? I have one Saturday. I will be taking Prince in MultiColor, Driving, and Hunter for sure. I also think I will be taking a filly in a Weanling class for a friend. I also might do Geldings & Showmanship with Prince too. Im not sure yet.
Not this weekend (Im a member of the yankee miniature horse club but haven't gone to any shows this year for them) I have one next weekend, however
Yep I'll be at the Lake Elmo show in Minnesota!

I taking 3 horses:

Winning Color's Hijacker, Oneka's Commanders Solor Flare (now for sale!!) and my trainer will have my filly Send A Message SOS.
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We're going to a show but it is a Long ear show! We're taking my jack, Kilroy and his two oldest offspring. I'm taking the yearling and Wylie along, just so they get some exposure. I have 4 mules and only 2 people to show them. Guess I need to sell some or hire more help!
I am going to the MWMHSPO show, In Logan, utah! but I am not showing anything, just going to watch and learn about showing(and see all my freinds:)

Hey- how come you are selling Flare? I really like that boy
We are going to a show in Logan UT " MWMHSPO " We are taking 11. Showing in just about EVERYTHING

We love to show.....
starminis said:
We are going to a show in Logan UT " MWMHSPO " We are taking 11. Showing in just about EVERYTHING 
.We love to show.....


Well I hope to see you there! Were you at the weber show, come to think of it, I did see some buckskin pinto's there!?

Well, I know I'm crazy. I'll be in Okeechobee this weekend at both shows. Taking Sterling, Peanut and Dawn. Just can imagine all the sweating I'll be doing.

Thank goodness not! Just got back from Centrals, but have one the following weekend, then off to Nationals! Cant wait.
I also am heading to the show in Logan. It is my last show to qualify for nationals so it is a have to show. It is one of my favorite places to go so it isn't that bad. I am only taking my stallion and showing him in halter and his driving stuff so not to bad. I won't be running to horrably. HAHAHA

We are taking 7 to the Crawford County fair on Sat and will be bring them home the next Sat . Will be a long week but we plan to have some time to just sit and talk.

Will let you know how it went when we get done.

Patty and I are going to our first Open Horse show in a very long time. We are taking Lance and Spice to the Collin Co. Youth Park in McKinney, TX this weekend. Lance needs some show experience especially in driving before Nationals, plus it will be a great place to meet the local horsie set. I've heard there are other people who bring miniatures, so we'll see!
We will be in Katy, TX, at the GHMHC Show Saturday.

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