Anybody got any results yet?

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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Kay and anyone else.... let us know what is going on out there![/SIZE]

8-3-05 Hi: I was just on the Classiclist and Lennie Bertrand posted a site that lists the results from Congress. It's great. Even a dummy like me could figure it out. Anyway, the website is Check it out. Good luck. Shirlee
hi lyn

Getitia won classic mare with that goregeous black and white pinto mare of hers. I have pics of her winning but i have to get back up there to judge the kids coloring contest. Ill try to post pics later tonight. Im going to try and get more pics today. Thats neat they made a site of results! Lee hand with Acapella i believe got 4th.

I have to say though that Gordyville is the absolute worst place to take pics. With all the open overhead doors you get a glare everytime you try to take a pic.

Lennie Davenport told me they sold 30 more stalls then last year and there are 500 plus horses entered (not all of them are there yet)

My son Kyle got top ten in jr judging so got a really neat trophy

I was really suprised to see Johnny Robb showing horses. She won something but i cant remember what.
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Michigan's Father Dowling has taken 2 ribbons.. one in halter and one in driving.

[SIZE=14pt]Great! That black and white mare of Getetias is Steels daughter Be Steel My Heart!!! Wooo hoo. I also saw on the site that Cheryl Flehur who beat me out for a filly at the Taylor sale won her futurity class with her Michigans Rag Time Gal.[/SIZE]

Congradulations to everyone so far.

okay more congress stories hehehehe.

The morning started out nice and cool thanks to a thunderstorm but wow by 200 the heat was back with a vengenance. I finally had to come home and cool off. Which is sad because i was just there visiting and helping sandy with youth activities. I judged the kids coloring contest and that was lots of fun

Wallstreet is just kicking butt today with some beautiful horses! but one got away from the handler and i almost had a heart attack. He got loose and the gate was open and he slammed full force into the gate right as they were closing it. He went down and i was afraid he wasnt getting back up. But he finally got up and was okay. But i believe he did it again the next time he showed. Everytime they would announce he would jump and the handler couldnt hold the guy. Then another horse got loose in the isle. Way too much excitement in this heat

Ate that wonderful BBQ today from sharon hinkle and karen. Yummmmy. Also got to see Sharons goregous horses. Wow! She has a colt with the hookiest ears i have ever seen. Im going to try and get is pic tomarrow.

Then i went and chatted with Doc Taylor and tried to talk him out of a filly hehehehehe. He stood firm and told me to come to the sale in may. Cant blame a girl for trying right?? So i looked thru his 05 foals book and picked out my girl that im bidding on for 2006. So the rest of you just dont even look at her ok?? I MEAN IT LYN LMAO

Went and drooled over Getitias horses again. Then went and saw Belinda Bagbys and Excaliber. Wow Excaliber has a colt that just knocked my socks off!
[SIZE=14pt]Kay you are too funny! I saw that the filly I was desparate to have and didnt get last sale won her futurity class! I have only seen pics of the boys not the girls yet.... cant wait to see them. Who am I NOT supposed to look at??? HMMMMM I really dont need anymore but.....

okay heres a hint shes the only black and white filly in the bunch. Beautiful short back and nice big hip AND SHES GOING TO BE MINE ALL MINE. I had doc taylor laughing pretty good. I think i almost had him talked out of her. I may have to try again tomarrow. (yes im terrible!!!)


I think the heat is getting to me

All in all i think the show is going great. Not running behind like last year and everyone seems really happy. Havent heard any complaints!!
[SIZE=14pt]Good luck Kay.... he doesnt even let BRuce take fillies home except from the sale. He has some great colts he will sell other times but the fillies only go at sale time. Otherwise I would have had Cheryl Fleurs Rag Time Gal before she ever got to the sale!!! Im the one that named that filly![/SIZE]

I may just save up till the following year in case Steel gives me all boys and I have to BUY a girl from Doc! My place is notorious for making colts instead of fillies.

Im sure you saw Getetias Be Steel My Heart..... THATS what I want only a couple inches smaller.

Did you see my Cassie today?

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Which Wallstreet horse.......was it Roxks (the yearling buckskin colt??) I know he is full of himself and still "growing" up. Showing is a new thing for him But he is awesome. He is the only Wallstreet that belinda has that would be spooky I could think of??

LOVE those Wallstreet horses (and Jacque and Belinda) know it..............and I have got one coming to live with me very soon
yep erica i think that is him and wow he is just outstanding!!! Hes is so perfectly in proportion and at that age that is amazing. but i have to say when he went down on the ground and they couldnt get him up---my heart was in my throat! Okay erica which one do you have coming to live with you??? Im jealous and i dont even know which one LOL

Lyn I looked but couldnt find lewella today to see where cassie was. Today was pretty hectic. I figured doc taylor wouldnt agree to me having that filly but you know i can be so dang stubborn LOL. His family is so much fun at congress. They really have a great time and his grandson is so dang smart. Hes the one that took me on a tour of their horses.

Tomarrow im going to try and tour wallstreet and bagby if i can catch them at a good time.

Yep kay is taking pony tours all over gordyville!!!
Hehe Kay......

The one I am getting is actually at Belinda's still, going to get him when I get back from Peoria - he hasn't been shown. He is only ASPC now, but at a year and a half old we are at just 33" so.......he will be hardshipped at 3.

His name is WallStreets Jessie James (he is a son of The Admiral, who is Congress Champion in both halter and driving) and I can't wait to get him home and start working with him and getting him to come around. He is going to be gelded this fall and I plan on showing him in the over geldings and driving later.......For now I am just going to let him grow up and let him team up with me, not sure if I will show him next year or not, I think he might foundation and if so I might, will depend..........

No good pics as I don't have him up here yet, but here is a "sample".........

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well from the head and neck shot i know im jealous LOL but in a good way. You will have such a great time with him!

So are you showing the imhoa show in peoria?? I am too!! maybe we are finally going to get to meet woohooo.

We are picking up kyles show gelding from lisa davis and showing him there.
Yep I will be there Kay........

I am concerned/worried about the horses traveling 10 hrs in this heat, going to be a LONG haul (in this weather) and I am afaird they may be pooped when they get there, we will see..........

BTW, what motel are you staying at?? I have looked at East Peoria motels and there are tons...I have NO idea which is closer ext, I emailed Lisa but she said she didn't make her reservations ( I thought you might have??)
[SIZE=14pt]Wow what a head and neck on that one!!![/SIZE]

hi erica

I am making them today. Sandy is at congress and gave me the name of the hotel that is only 5 miles from the show and now i cant remember the name. I heading back up and will write the name down this time.

It is much cooler here today only in the 80's as we had more thunderstorms. looks like 80's all next week too. I hope!!!


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