Amy's sick, vet just left for vacation.... need imput

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Nov 30, 2002
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Amy was fine until she was recently spayed. Surgery went well and she was right up and feeling great.

But she was constipated. I figured that was from withholding her food/water prior to surgery and from the meds afterwards so I wasn't too concerned. But after watching that for two days, I called her vet and he gave her an RX that says DSS 100mlg to relieve the constipation. (1) every 12-24 hours. I only gave her 1. I don't know what that is exactly, but it worked extremely well! That night, she had diaherrea all over the house, cleaned that up, and it continued the next day. No more pill. I eliminated the boiled chicken from her diet and just gave her dry food and no treats, nothing.

She went back to "normal" pooping after that for a couple of days, then she began having diaherrea yet again. Runny poop stopped on it's own on Wednesday. I thought we were out of the woods.

Yesterday we had our stitches out, but since she was "normal" I didn't say anything further to the vet about it, other than she was normal again, very happy, playing as usual. I was his last appointment since he was closing and leaving on vacation.

This morning I woke up to the house "decorated" yet again from one end to the other. It's really bad. Took me 2 hours to clean it up. Just as I finished cleaning it up, there she went again.......just dripping out of her so fast all over and at the same time she's straining. But it's also strange because after she does that, she also will pass a normal poop too. I can't figure this out.

She is on heartworm, plus she has been de-wormed a few weeks ago with droncet because she eats manure so I don't feel it's a parasite, although right now, I don't know. I hope it's not related to the spaying. Tracey was not spayed so this is new to me.

She feels so guilty about this and is hiding under my desk. I told her it's ok and petting her, but she feels so embarrased. She is not "sickly" and is running and playing outside, treeing the cats, being herself but she cannot control this. I feel so sorry for her.

Anyone have any ideas what I can give her?

She weighed in yestarday at 53 pounds at 5 months old.

Thanks so much.
First, no more food. 2nd, go back to the vet. She may need a different med. Good luck!! There's nothing worse than diarrhea INSIDE the house.
I don't know what to say about the normal poo after her runs? We have a 5yr old pit/american bulldog mix that will get the runs for no apparent reason. It doesn't stop until I give him an imodium pill. I had him checked over and over at the vets and they could find nothing (forgot to add that he is a nueterd male). They tested for some bacteria in the gut, worms etc and nothing came up. Is there another vet you could call? Like a bigger em clinic maybe in Chatanooga just to give symptoms to over the phone?
Hi Marty,

You can give her some canned pumpkin, a couple tablespoons usually will do it. Something about it "fixes" the digestive tract. I am involved in breed rescue (chinese crested) and we use it all the time, with good results and it is mild on thier system. Remember, anesthsia is hard on the system........I know how I feel after surgery. She should be right as rain in a few days, but if not, contact the vet. You can also give her an immodium pill, but I would try the pumkin first. Also, stick with the boiled chicken BREAST and white rice (not brown, it will case more of what you don't want). Good luck, hope the little begger feels better soon. Oh, mabe she caught a glimpse of the tampons, and is having a reaction to that???!!! :new_rofl:

The usual way I deal with this kind of problem is first remove all food, just water for 24 hours and give plain OTC kaopectate. You need to let their guts rest when it may be inflamed. Make sure it's the plain as some of the OTC stuff has other medication in it and plain Kao is just clay. If you have biosponge for your horses that would be a good substitute.

Then start her back on food but just white rice and boiled chicken with all the fat removed in frequent but small feedings. That should produce better stools and at least keep it from getting worse until you can get her into a vet if it continues.
Marty, I dont know how to use Quote key but I do agree with Triggy&Blue&Daisy Too.

Amy, please feel better soon and stop with the runny poopin!!
Sandwich cheese Slices will also help with diarrhea and she will love you for it,

A couple of slices a day one now and one at night and again morning, noon and night.

Cheese helps firm or loosens bowels, what ever your system needs.

& white rice also helps.
In this cases I give 1/3 lean beef through cooked or microwaved, mix 2/3 plain bread crums, feed in very small balls several times.

Should clean stomach and colon, keeps both quiet.

Marty, like you know I am not a vet. As soon as possible visit with Amy a vet and take sample with you.

Got any ProBios paste laying around...........or yogurt with cultures??? Give her some of that, but I agree with the others, NO food at all for 24 hours then start back really slow.
Marty I have been going through something similar with my cat. Does any of her poop have a mucousy ting to it at all? If so it may be what is going on with my cat. He has been diagnoised as having a coccidia infection and is getting treated for it. After only 3 days he is doing much better but still has a little ways to go before he is better. Before I forget if it is by chance coccidia it doesnt always shed through the poop so a fecal may or may not detect it. The vet told me it is an intermittent thing when it comes to shedding it.
Just a heads up for those that use Kaopectate.

It is no longer made with Kaolin they changed the ingredients a number of years ago not even my pharmacy knew this.

Read the back of the label it is made with the same ingredients as pepto bismal now.

If you want kaolin (ie clay) you need to get kaolin or kaopectalin at Tractor Supply Co.

Also CAT OWNERS the stuff in pepto bismal and kaopectate is harmful.
Absolutely right Whitney which is why I said in my first post, "Make sure it's the plain as some of the OTC stuff has other medication in it and plain Kao is just clay."

It is still available in the pharmacy but you have to read the labels. I just recently made that mistake and had to make yet another trip back to the drug store to get the plain stuff. Similar name but has only kao and pectin in it.
Did they only deworm with droncit? because that only affects tapeworms. Maybe your thinking of Drontal or Drontal plus? ( depending on the size of your dog) If it was only droncit I would go back to the vets and get Drontal.

Also dogs will not get horse intestinal parasites. They may travel through the dog but will not will not live in them as they are host specific.

Also did she go home after her spay with any antibiotics? It isnt usual that they do go home with them but incase they do it could be a reaction to meds. or even to the anesthetic agent.

I would haul her back into the vet clinic if its still continuing. maybe they can switch meds for you? I like metronidazole the best for diarrhea. It always seems to work! lol!

hope that helps a bit!



Edited to add: Just read ACD"s post then re read your original post. I didnt read the heart worm part. so yes if your using a heartworm med with worming meds in it then it is unlikely an intestinal parasite problem. I would look at giardia as well.
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If the heartworm prevention is also an intestinal wormer (many are now), then that might be why Amy was only given Droncit. Fleas are the #1 vector for tapeworms in dogs......not eating horse poop. However, worm loads have to be pretty darn bad to cause diarrhea like what you've explained. I doubt you've let your worm loads get that far, but it never hurts to check.

Definitely take a stool sample in with you when you go to see the vet. I suspect you're either dealing with coccidia or an intestinal infection (what we call "possum gut" around here). I just went thru a bout of "possum gut" with one of my dogs who found it a "good idea" to eat something dead and decaying out in the woods. This IS the perfect time of year for that with the warm weather and all. Some pepto and antibiotics and within 24 hours she was feeling better. A fecal sample will help determine if this is worms or something else.

Another thing.......have you taken her temp? If she has a temp then you can just about bet worms arent' your problem.
Update: Thanks guys, you have really helped me out. I have printed out all your ideas and suggestions for reference.

Whitesocks, it was Drontal, I checked my files. And we do Hearguard Plus also.

I really am thinking now that it is something she must have eaten. Amy is a garbage pit in every sense of the word. A day doesnt' go by where she doesn't have something in her mouth that is not eatable!

We really do try to keep things picked up, but honestly, she finds stuff to get into an loves to over turn the trash. She can jump up on the kitchen counters and kitchen table and get stuff off of there with ease, so I do keep it clean, but Dan is notorius for leaving stuff out. She has eaten everything that is not nailed down and then some. It's like a toddler; I have to have eyes in the back of my head. Every time I turn around I am grabbing something out of her mouth that should not be in there.

I did call my vets's answering thingy and they will be away until Aug 8 but I can get her to another vet if needbe, not a problem. . We have been fasting since I originally made this thread. There was only one more small episode after I posted about this. She is now started on a little bit of cottege cheese and yoplait yogurt that I had that on hand.

Sunday am I will start her off on a little bit of rice and chicken. I have plenty of that. And we'll go from there. Slowly. If it happens one more time, we're off to a vet.

I have the cleanest floors in the state of Tennessee now. :eek:
I agree with the chicken and rice. I usually give boiled hamburger with the rice.

Give 1/4 teaspoon Tylan powder on the back of her tongue (follow immediately with a small

treat as it is BITTER). Usually only takes a dose.

Any other time I would have had pumpkin in the cubbard I swear but I didn't want to go off the mountain in these storms to the store we have been under seige with these bad storms past few days. They are very strong and I'm such a weenie driving in that truck I am not used to. Anyhow I have a list of every single thing that is mentioned, added tylan powder whatever that is, and going to get whatever I don't have on Sunday. This is great and glad to have that info on the kaopectate. Wondering if a pepto bismal tab is acceptable?

She's drinking plenty of water so we are not dehydrating, not sick, running, playing as usual, trying to eat my piano etc. So I am hopeing this fasting is going to do the trick. Hate like heck to have to bring her to a new vet who doesn't know her but my vet left me no choice, but not a problem if she does this again, she's going!

Dan's car key has been missing for the past two don't suppose!!!!!!!!

I told Hus I have visions of hanging the Christmas tree from the ceiling :eek:
I wouldn't put anything past a pup Marty. They will swallow the most bizarre things just because it's there. The little stinker just may have an x-ray in her future. Hope you find the key and it's not in her!
Triggy honestly I told Hus that if this happens again we might have to get an X ray.

I pulled a quarter out of her mouth just the other day, I am not kidding and if that key doesn't show up..........I would not put it past her.

Anyone got a metal detector?
Ummm....if she's willing to eat a quarter? I'd have her X-Rayed. That may be your problem!


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