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eagles ring farm

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Mar 13, 2006
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cedarville new jersey 08311
our 5 yr old stallion

at Garden State AMHR show

Triple ks Boogies Bow Tie

did well

3yrs & older -stallion 30" & under = he got 2nd place from all 3 judges

Model stallion he got (all sizes mixed)= 3rd, 6th ,& 6th

solid color= 4th,5th,& 6th

It was his first show in 3 yrs since a 2 yr old he was a bit pudgey but still did well

we are proud of him he will be going to 2 more AMHR shows in June

Thanks for reading
Congrats!!! VEry good job.
Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and him!!!
Good job! I'm in the same boat, bringing one back that hadn't shown in four years. But boy, when they kick butt after such a long break, it makes it even more special!
Terrific! I am so happy for you!!!!! Congratulations!!!


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