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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Since we are leaving next monday for nationals already, and since the Worlds thread is up, Who all is coming and who are your bringing?[/SIZE]

We are bringing Sweet Tart,who was top ten two years in a row so far futurity and open


Carbon Copy only shown last year as a 2 year old also top 5 for futurity and open


and her little sister Independance day making her Nationals debut. Futurity and open


these two will also be in Get of sire and produce of dam.

[SIZE=14pt]Come on you guys..... I know SOME of you are coming....[/SIZE]

We are leaving next Thursday and staying thru for the youth and ammy weekend only (wish it could be the whole thing, work and school in the way with our real life again), we'll see everyone there!
We are taking 4, first is our 2 year old stallion(co owned with Erica), Erica's Smoke Rings In The Dark, he was 2004 National Reserve Champion


Then we have our 2 year old gelding, H Smokin' Colt Pistol, he was a 2004 National Top Ten


Our yearling stallion, Mini H Smokin' Most Wanted


and our yearling mare, Erica's Oh Bay-B Bay-B


Pray for me, I make my daughter show all year because I really LOVE being the groom, but she has a good time making me show in the ammy classes.
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I am going...

Bringing Lowes Dealer


Youth showmanship 13-17 under

youth hunter under

youth jumper under

youth obstacle under

and LNR's Flyin High


Youth showmanship 13- 17 over

Youth Hunter over

Youth jumper over

and I am SOOO excited to meet Frizzles_gal aka Morgan!
Joel White is bringing Appy and we're flying out on Sunday to join them for the rest of the week! Halter, costume, liberty... and having FUN!
Count me in!! How I'll ever be READY, I don't know; I haven't felt well lately, but I'm very much looking forward to Nationals.

Bringing my B gelding (again), Magic Mist Color On Fire. He's such a fun boy.

and for the first time to Nationals (and it will be her fourth show EVER), Fire's half sister, Magic Mist Wildfire.

She's only three years old, and pretty immature, so she won't be in many classes, just going to "get her feet wet" and get warmed up for next year.

Oh! and I will be picking up my NEW filly there (woo-hoo!!) I don't have any pics, so the announcement will have to wait.
Leaving/Arriving on Friday through Weds (have to be back for college) and I HATE this time of year as right before nationals and I am stuck up at college 2hrs away and not working the horses like I like to.

Erica's RFM Spring Thunder - yearling over filly


Erica's Cloverbud - yearling under filly


Erica's I've Got Angel Eyes - two year old under filly


Erica's Echos of my Destiny - yearling under colt


Cross Country Take My Breath Away - two year old over colt


Erica's Just Behold - weanling under filly, who more than likely will be a little "plump" as I don't work my weanlings - though she has fitted up some on her own since this pic


Erica's Gone and DunIT - weanling under colt

My mother and my brother will be flying in for the youth/ammy part of the show and our trainer will be there for the whole show with our ten show horses(and two broodmares that are travelling to the World Sale)

We are taking:(all under division horses)

*Grosshill Ek Creations Duke of Earl-Open Roadster and Country Pl. driving

*SRF Dainty Dancer- Youth and Open Single Pl. Driving

*SRF Obsession-Youth, Ammy, and Open Halter Jr. Mares

*SRF Desperado-Youth, Ammy, and Open Sr. Halter Geldings

*SRF Centurian-Youth Country Pl. Driving and Open Halter Sr. Stallions

*SRF Top Brass- Youth and Open Roadster

*(my precious gelding)Grosshill EKs Incredible Illusion- Youth and Open Hunter, Youth and Adult Jumper, open and Youth Versatility and Youth Halter Obstacle.... Possibly Open Halter Sr. Geldings

*SRF Encore-Open Halter Sr. Geldings

*SRF Party Girl-Youth, Ammy, and Open Sr. Mare

*SRF Noble Flaire- Open Park Harness

and Smithdeal Apache Kids Grand Design and Little Kings Brandy Buckeroo will be along for the ride, making their way to the AMHA World Show Sale!

We are leaving Tuesday and taking 5 total to show and one that needs to be worked,

Lucky Four Black Velvets Bandofire - Sr Gelding under open and amateur

Honeysuckle Knoll Sundances Analisa - yearling mare under for amateur only

Knells Spin To Win - 2 year old gelding under - open, solid color and amateur

Villas Party Doll - 2 year old mares under 32 - open only

Blue Ribbon Bodacious Shiney Gold - yearling gelding over - open and amateur

then we are taking our new yearling filly to keep her in shape for World, we don't have anyone to leave her with and want her to be ready to show.

Looking forward to seeing everyone I already know and meeting people I really want to know.
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Lyn, you know we'll be there with Redi.

We're really looking forward to doing some "Window Shopping" in the stall areas...So may nice horses to see all in one place.
[SIZE=14pt]Mike I adore that horse and if he ever has a daughter that looks like him for sale....PLEASE CALL ME FIRST![/SIZE]

We will be there

raven will bring her best friend foxy and her 2nd best friend (although way below foxy everyone is WAY below foxy)
Casper and our mare Magic as well as picking up our new lease mare scribbles and my new yearling colt Paco

she will be showing them in

well she is with our horses showing


halter, obstacle, showmanship, driving, versatility,hunter

she will be showing a couple others horses in halter and doing a open halter class as well- of course liberty to

Me i am doing liberty and my token class (ammy halter) my goal- to not fall on my face in front of everyone if i leave the ring with no dirt in my teeth it was a great class
Didn't we just do this last week?

Patty and I are taking three horses:

Erica's Gimmie Another Glance -- under gleding


*Country Pleasure driving




*Halter Obstacle

*Driving Obstacle


Jurgen's Cinnamon Swirl -- under mare


*Pleasure driving




*Halter Obstacle

*Driving Obstacle

Nostalgia's Indisputably Orion -- Over gelding (leased from Tom and Carmie Viebrock)



*Country Pleasure driving




*Halter Obstacle

*Driving Obsacle

These are all Youth Classes--not sure if I'm showing Ammy yet, or if we can stay for Open classes. See you there!!

Are we doing a message board at Ozark again??
minih said:
Pray for me,  I make my daughter show all year because I really LOVE being the groom,  but she has a good time making me show in the ammy classes.


Teri(minih), you will do just fine!
You have beautiful horses! I look at your Erica's Oh Bay-B Bay-B and just
I've thought highly of her since she was born......a "Prince" baby.
Have a great Nationals!
Thank you Russ, I will just need to be sure and stock up on plenty of stomach medicene
I'll be there the 13th and 14th. Everyone please look for me! I'm going ONLY to meet as many of you as I can! I should be wearing a button with Lotto's photo on it so you'll know me.

Best of luck to everyone!

BTW, what classes are showing the 13-14th?
I'll be there for youth and ammy, so stop and say hi!

We are taking two:

Winning Color's Hijacker SOS

youth-sr. geldings over

youth-CP driving over


Send A Message SOS (in training with Sam Barth)

youth-pleasure driving 32" and under

and other open classes


Good luck all and I hope to meet some of you guys there!
I am going just as a spectator this year, helping out my friend Stacy Score and also a few other of my NW buddies. I am so excited, so many beautiful horses in this thread, I can't imagine what a "candy store" I'm going to see there! And get a taste for when I bring my own next year.

Erica, I cannot WAIT to see Taker in the flesh!
There sure are a lot of Erica horses in this thread...
[SIZE=14pt]We are bringing 14 a few to sell for a friend...[/SIZE]

Here is the list...

7S Absolut Bay Bandit

Flying A Color’s Maybe At Midnight

Flying A’s Magic’s Maybe A Rendevous

Flying A’s Superman

Flying A Femme Fetale

Dream Weaver’s Midnight Serenade

Van Lo’s Iza Dough B’s Girl

Dream Weaver’s Little Miss Dynamite

Dream Weaver’s I’m A Sample Too

Flying A Magic’s Do You Wanna Dance

Dream Weaver’s Anticipation

Dream Weaver’s Oh Me, Oh My

Dream Weaver’s Cauzin’ A Commotion

Dream Weaver’s Prime & Proper

Most of these are All-Around Halter & Performance horses, Showing in Youth, Futurity, some Ammy and open classes. We will be there from the 7th till the very last day....We're gonna be busy....ya think?

PS....I want to send out good, safe thoughts to everyone that is traveling to Nationals...everyone be careful and arrive there safe!

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