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Jul 5, 2004
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Valliant, OK 74764 near Texas and Arkansas
Something has finally gone right for me. I sent in a transfer, update temp. to prem. and change stallion to gelding to AMHR on July 25. They received it on July 28, and sent it out on August 4. I received it back today. That's two weeks total from the time I mailed it. It was only in their office ONE WEEK! They are doing better than the Post Office.

After waiting three months to get the gelding certificate from the seller, this is a welcome change.
Thats odd, we sent out paper work the first week of july and still have yet to get it back. ARrrrrr.
I sent out all my foals registrations and some dna requests and transfers on MAY 22 to both registries. Got the R stuff back in 3 weeks. STILL HAVEN'T GOT MY PAPERS BACK FROM AMHA. BUT THEY DIDN'T WASTE ANY TIME CASHING MY CHECK!!!!

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