Amesco Horse Waterers (solar powered)

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Dec 1, 2002
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I know there was something on the Forum a while back about the Amesco Horse Waterers.

Has anyone tried them? Or does anyone know anything about them good or bad??I am also wondering if they could be used for miniature horses.

I am "thinking" this would possibly be a good investment but they seem awfully expensive. I would certainly like a way to keep my water from freezing without worrying about electrical plug ins.
I called and talked to the guy a while back, but decided at that price I could buy maybe just one every year or two. I asked the same question of him and he said the way to protect the solar panel is to put it at the edge of the fence line so a horse that likes to paw won't break it.

But hey! with my upcoming move, I won't have to worry much about that kind of stuff any more. HALLELUJAH!!
I looked into them as well and once I can afford one I will get one and try it in my T/b pen. He is one without a heated auto water .. although he has to stop hurting himself repeatedly so I can actually not have to worry about paying the vet and buy it for him
Bumping this up just in case anyone out there knows anything good or bad about these Amesco Horse Waterers.

I really hate to spend that kind of $$$ unless I know that they are really well-worth it.

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