Almost left hubby at Tusla

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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
Heya All,

I have to tell all of you that even if you don't take a horse to R Nationals you should go just to see all the beautiful horses and meet all the wonderful people. We stalled in A barn next to the folks from Samuels Stables and they were so kind and friendly.

This was our first time at Nationals and I had to drag my husband home. He was going to stay there in the barn and save our stalls for us next year.

We met some many wonderful people and had so much fun. I learned alot and I am already getting ready for next year. It is total insanity there and that must be why we fit in so well.

After a 7 hour drive the first day and 14 hours the second day my body hurts and now I have to face the reality of work..booooooooo.

Thanks to all who made it such a good time.....


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We walked through there many times trying to meet any forum members but.....

I wish everyone would put a big sign on their stalls "LB member and their forum name" then we might have gotten to meet you. I'm glad you had a great show and that you made it home safe! Maybe we'll get to meet you next year?

Hee hee your hubby was to funny I think him and Raven both would have been happy to stay and just show themselves till we all showed up again next year

And yes Samuels Stables they were so very nice (even if you did tell them I sometimes asked him questions just to hear him talk with his adorable accent)

And I gotta say you and Alan made it a wonderful time not only were you guys helpful, funny and always kept me giggling but.. you helped keep me in chocolate as well what more could a girl ask for
Hi Tammi and Alan!!!

I enjoyed stalling across from you guys (hee hee hee... even if you DID block my tack room all the time
) and I really enjoyed your company!

I hope we can meet again next year, same time same place...

I was there such a short time I didn't even try to get out to meet anyone! Lisa, I hope Bobby Samuels sees what you said about his accent! He is a good friend of my whole family, and it seems when my daughters were showing QHorses, so was he, so we figure we have known each other in two lifetimes. His parents are just the tops in every way, but don't travel with him as much as they used to because of their age. His girlfriend Kelly is as sweet and nice as they come, and is quite the knowledgeable horseperson. Did you get to meet the Vickery's as well? We all send our entries in together (Bobby heads it up), and we all get stalled in the same area each year. It is quite nice having your friends in the same barn, and it always leaves someone to watch over the stalls, tack and horses. Now that we are Texans, I think we will still send everything in with Bobby, and get to see our buds for at least a week a year!

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