Allergys anyone?

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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Its that time of year

I have never had any problems with allergys until last year, around this time. Last year was my first year with allergys. I remember last year at the McCabe clinic i had to come home early my allergys were so bad. So one year later, of course, they are back

I feel stuffy, eyes watery and sneezing ..i got the whole package

Does anyone take meds for their allergys that actually work and relieve the suffering. My eyes were watering and hurt so bad today i couldnt drive back from wal-mart, mom had to drive.

Allergies here.

I used to feel so sorry for people that loved horses but were so dreadfully allergic to them. Now I am allergic to horses. Also cats. Grass. Perfume & cigarette smoke.

I break out in hives from cigarette smoke (plus it makes me sick to my stomach) and from cold (seriously, if I'm outside & get cold legs, I soon break out in hives. Fall is an especially bad time for this!) & from stress/nerves...once got startled badly by a big spider & instantly broke out in hives. I'm also allergic to certain drugs--ibuprofen causes hives instantly, and there are others that do the same though the hives take longer to come out.

Horse hair & dust/dander will make my eyes water & nose start to run, big time. Best solution? A horse vacuum. My new vacuum makes spring grooming much more pleasant, because it doesn't put hair & dust in my face the way currying does.

I do find that I have to keep changing antihistamines. At one time anything would work for me, then one by one the drugs became ineffective. I went from Chlor Triplon to Benadryl to Hismanal to Reactine to Loratadine. Now there are times when I have to take 2 loratadine tablets instead of the usual one (doctor said it was okay to double up), and that's only for hives. Loratadine has no effect on my eyes or nose--liquid benadryl helps me the most when I get all stuffed up or my nose & eyes start to run. Liquid benadryl will actually get rid of my hives too, but not for long.

I also use Nasonex, the nasal spray. That helps a lot to clear my breathing. It would help more if I'd remember to use it daily, but I forget about it until I get really stuffed up, then I use it.

When all else fails I take a Gravol--it is an antihistamine & does actually help a lot if I get really stuffed up from allergies.
I have allergys to absolutly everything.dogs, cats, mold, pollen, dust, leaves,etc, etc, etc...... after battling it out year after year. Ive now found that a simple steriod shot helps me through the worst of it. I still take benidrill on bad days , but for the most part it makes it bearable. ask your Dr about it. DR.
Spring is really the only time it seems to bother me. I sneeze all day long, eyes are puffy/red/watering (then next minute dry), feel all stuffy. At first thought i was getting sick but i dont feel sick, just stuffy and alergetic

Ill take a drive over to the drug store and find something.

Thank you
I have allergies also, mainly in the spring.

I use a nasal spray from my dr. called Rhinocort and it seems to do the job.

However, lately, I've also had to wear a dust/dr's mask while I'm at the barn due to all of the dust, dander while grooming my guy, hay, etc. Not a lovely site but, hey, ya gotta do what you gotta do!

Speaking of hives, I used to have them for about a year - they were horrible. I was on a combination of Zyrtec and randitine and I guess they finally burned themselves out - Thank God!

Hope you can find something that keeps your allergies under control, as they are no fun when you're trying to have fun!
Ugh yes....definately allergy season. I rely on Claritan everyday, but at times I still find myself getting really itchy eyes and sneezy. Its too bad everything in the barn makes my allergies go off!!
Yes! With all of the rain, it wasn't too bad until about a week ago.

It really kills my energy.

I use


Claritin (without the "D")

Generic Allegra


Supplements (histamine killers):

Quercetin / Bromelain





Vitamin C

I also have food sensitivities and have found that taking HCL and digestive enzymes with each meal help. Studies show many people with food sensitivities have inadequate stomach acid production.

A HEPA filter running indoors and vacuum with HEPA bags helps.

I didn't really believe in it until day before yesterday, but a Netti pot helps alot.


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