AHHH first show of the year in less then 2 weeks and Im so not ready!

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Hi Jamie

We're going and it will be out first show also.
With the totally weird weather we've had here - TONS of rain for MONTHS and now we have a bit of sun but it's supposed to frost Monday night!
- we haven't been able to work any horses. They've ALL got bellies and very little muscle tone. It's going to be embarrassing, but I guess we have to start somewhere. I haven't even sent in my entries yet and they're due May 1st!!

I know we're taking Sera (2 yr old mare, under), Binky (2 yr old gelding, under) and Mira (yearling filly, VERY under). We're also taking my sister in laws yearling stallion, under. She'll be meeting us there. I'm debating about taking one of our '08 fillies, but don't know yet.

It's certainly one of the less expensive shows to go to!!
Hey!! I just wanted to wish both of ya'll good luck! I know you'll do great!! I would be going, but Tunica is right around the corner, and have to figure out how to pay for that one first!!! I have got the horse show bug though, its ones like Shelbyville, that make me wish every day was a show day :)
Hi, we're planning on going. Missed the Kentucky show this past week-end that we usually go to. Horses are just not ready to go anywhere, we've not been able to clip or work horses so far this year. But, that being said we are going to go anyway. Taking 5 (I think) don't have my entries sent in yet either. Cindy

We will be there both days. It is only about 45 min from here, so we try to show a bunch cause we can bring the boys on Sat and the girls on Sun. I know the 2 kids that show with us will be showing 2 geldings and 2 mares each. Dave wants to show 3 or 4. Oh, my, that makes 12. :DOH! Don't know if I can handle that many--LOLOL. Just call me crazy.
And they all wonder why I don't go in the show ring. Just no way to fix all the manes, tails and forelocks and make sure halters are on right ect, ect, ect and still have myself looking anything like a show person.
You can usually see me with my hair half up and hoof black and makeup on my shirt and shoes. I wear black pants, so they sometimes look a bit neater.


See you all there.

I just got back from hand delivering my enteris to Ach Veiw Stabels and they told me there are 109 horse and hte barn is full for the show so it should be a good show!

We are taking 3 horses 4 kids and I am showing in a few classes myself should be fun!

See you all there!

This is our 2nd show but I am still not going to be ready!

hey, RNR, where you from? I hand delivered also on Thursday. We have settled on taking 11. 8 got bathed yesterday and all hooves get trimmed today, so clipping will start this afternoon. nothing like being right on top of things :DOH!

maybe we will talk there. I will be the crazed looking show 'mom' with 2 kids and a husband showing. We are mostly showing out of the trailer with one stall in case of rain so we can take them in and finish them. I will have a pin on that tells you I have lost weight and to ask me how cause I am a distributor--so you can say hi.

Have a great week.

I just finished clipping yesterday at 1am.........the joys of having a full barn of horses, mares foaling, breeding season and working away full time.

Got to give them all baths tonight after work and we'll be ready to go.......

Been to wet to really get them ready to my liking, but we have done what we can, and it's time for some of them to get out and get some experience; Taking 7, decided to leave 4 at home this trip as just didn't have time to get them all ready; should be interesting, as five have never been off the farm before, new yearlings just getting out

See you all there.
Well Erica, at least you finished clipping your's, I haven't got that far yet. I still have 2 more to go, taking six, had planned on 8 but then I decided I must be crazy. I am getting way to old for this stuff. These are all new to the show ring and not nearly as easy to clip and get ready. See you at the show. Cindy
Anyone from up that way know much about the road conditions with the I-64 project going on??

Mapquest tells me to go up 63 (coming from AR - so will be heading N) to 44E to 270S to 255........6hrs 330miles, but looks to me as the 270 section may be closed when I do some searching???

I get attention All lanes of 64/40 will be closed both directions b/w 270/170?

Google tells me to go up 67 (N) to 60 to 55 to 255......6hrs22mins and 298 miles.

I've been up both roads before but not since the construction around St. Louis, so just wondering if anyone from that area knows for sure where the roads are closed at. Thanks.

Hwy 270 is NOT closed for construction. I guess there's always a chance some back accident will close it as you're coming through, but it's technically open. Hwy 64/40 IS closed between 270 and I170, but going around via 270 to 255 is an option.

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