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Kim Rule

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Dec 9, 2002
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This is the 4th night I have spent the night staring out the window at Cinnamon. Her milk is in. The baby is in position..(I know because I spent a night watching her roll and roll and roll and...and the next day she looked a little bit slimmer...)

Now, I know you pros out there that have been doing this for years think of 4 days as nothing...but this is my first mini baby, and I want to be a good mini mommy...and be there if something happens...

Here's what my nights have been like:

She'll grump at me when I test her milk, and poke to pretend that I know what I'm doing...I think of everything you guys have told me, and think...ah, her butt is getting softer...her privates are getting longer...her milk is white...

Then Cinnamon will pick at her dinner...until the grain comes, and then she will slowly, nibble away at it...

The sun goes down, and she starts to pace...and pace...and pace...then she'll lie down. In the semi darkness, she appears to be unconfortable...looking at her belly, and almost pushing...but she doesn't really lie down flat. I even heard her grunt last night! She'll be up and down...and then down for a long time, and I'll think...this is it!!!! Then she'll get up and start the routine all over again.

And then about 5:30, she stops!
She'll just stand still, as if she is sleeping!!! I'll look at her in amazement and because of the iced mocha I drank last night, I can't sleep!!! I want to wake her up, and make her start again!!!
I just know that I'll be staying up for the next two weeks, and then when I go to the bathroom, and then come back to my hiding place, there will be a little bundle of joy...and she'll have the attitude of "What, did you miss it???"

About 7 she'll start hollering for if nothing really happened during the night. She gives me that stoic, donkey look like "What's the matter with you??"
AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! She's bellowing right now for her breakfast...I think she just woke up the whole neighborhood!!!

I think the horses are placing bets to see how long I can last...

Ah, welcome to the great sport of mare (or jennet) stare!!!


I think I'm losing my mind!!!!

Kim R.

Just wait,, you will have to run into the house to use the rest room,, and she will have her foal then!!

I do feel for you foal watching. I remember those long nights with the mini's and lambing season.
What a great story you tell. If it had illustrations I'd print it. Can't wait for the final chapter.
Well Dimi...maybe I can work on that tonight when I am up all night!
I swear I'm going to go out and just squeeze her until that baby comes out!!!

Kim R.
well i understand your frustration and ummmm have been awake a few times myself the past few nites with some phone calls from kim
(which is more then fine) but i know how you feel it is frustrating

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