A New Life For A Rescued Filly.....(Long)

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Jeannie B

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Nov 30, 2002
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Hi all, I wanted to share a story of a little filly that I recently rescued.

I feel kind of silly saying I rescued her though because I feel that the wonderful person that I gave the filly too is the true rescuer.

I do not want to use the filly's real name here for reasons of my own, so I will call her Sweetie.

One day about 2 months ago a man came to my door. He said that he noticed my three mini's grazing in their pasture and decided to stop in.

He said that he too had mini's.

I took him out to show him my boys and he asked me if I would like a 1 1/2 year old filly for free!

I asked him why would just give her away? He said well, she is losing weight and he thought that there was something wrong now with her back legs.

I thought right away something was just not right.

I told him that I wasn't able to take her because I have limited space and that one of my horses was not gelded.

I did however tell him that I knew someone that would take her.

I asked him to call me when it was conveinent for me to come and see her.

He called two weeks later and made arrangements to go to his place that day.

When my hubby and I arrived there was this poor little filly standing in the driveway. She was matted, had very bad crusty eyes, curled long hooves and very very thin.

My heart was breaking when I cuddled her and felt nothing but bones. I knew I had to get her out of there. It was very hard for me not to tell this man what I felt!

I knew also that if I lost my cool he would change his mind about giving her away.

While I was there he asked if we wanted to see his other horses and of course we did.

Two of the other horses were in my opinion dwarfs and one was in foal.

I knew none had ever been wormed and I knew none had ever had a vet or farrier.

He claimed that he loved these horses very much but didn't have time to spend with them.

I asked him what he fed the babies and the mares and he said just hay.

I took a few pictures of the little filly he was giving away so I could email them to my friend and I left.

My heart was heavy that day and Hated myself for leaving the filly there.

I called my friend and emailed her the pictures of Sweetie and we made arrangements to pick her up the next day.

Our vet also came with us to pick up Sweetie but we didn't tell the man he was a vet or that he was also our freind. The vet had a look at all the horses and we left to take Sweetie to her new home.

I wanted to report this man but was told that the S.P.C.A in our area would not do anything. Apparently as long as they have water, food and a shelter there was nothing they could do.

Sweetie now had a clean warm stall of her own. Plenty of good hay,food, vet care and all the love of this wonderful person who now had her.

My friend called me the next day and said they examined Sweetie and say that she was full of worms and that the reason her legs were so bad was because she was starved.

Sweetie was so weak and wouldn't eat anything except for hay. They wanted to do bloodwork the same day but didn't want to put anymore stress on her.

My friend kept in contact with me every day to let me know how Sweetie was doing and she had her bad days and her good days.

The first week she gained 5 pounds and the next week she wouldn't eat.

I went to visit Sweetie last week and she has gained almost 14 pounds since my friend took her.

It is still touch and go and she has a long road ahead of her.

Upon my visit last week I noticed right away that she seemed so content and happy. It did my heart good to see the love that Sweetie and my friend share.

Sweetie finally is being cared for the way all helpless animals should be.

I am so grateful to my friend for taking Sweetie into her heart and pray that Sweetie will get stronger and live the life she deserves.

My friend thanks me everyday for giving her this little girl but I feel I owe her for taking Sweetie and showing her the love she never had!

Thanks so much for letting me share my story with people who care!
Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story! Im holding sweetie in my thoughts and prayers.

Please know though it is best to go ahead and report such conditions. Alot of times they will come out and advise the owner on what they need to do to keep their animals and sometimes this is enough to motivate a owner. It always worth a try

Perhaps you could tell the person who originally owned the filly that the new owner had her vet checked and they found many worms and that you thought you should tell him because if one horse had them, the others would also. Maybe even purchase and give him a tube of something gentle. Or even maybe offer to worm them for him? So glad you got the filly out of there!!

That is a great story and happy ending for the little filly.

But, what about the others?? You said that two were Dwarves and one might be pregnant? Would it be possible to find out more about them? Maybe he would give them up too.....I'd be happy to help all I can.

Please let me know,


Thankyou for all your replies reguarding Sweetie. That means the world to me to know others care like I do.

Please know that there are people looking into this situation and the story is not over yet. I will keep you posted on any news and will do updated on little Sweetie's condition.

Once again Thanks for allowing me to share this story.
Bless you for helping get this filly out of that bad situation. Bless your friend for taking Sweetie in and taking care of her.

Wish there was a way to rescue the others.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us - what a wonderful thing you did! I know - it's so hard not to lose your cool and hats off to you for keeping it together, and rescuing this little horse.

I agree, it's so frustrating; I have some neglect/abuse cases around me, and as long as there is food, water and shelter on the property, there is nothing that can be done.

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