A first for my 17 year old mare!!

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Aug 17, 2003
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There are a few people that know about my mare that has colostrums problems.

But for those that don’t………..

I have a mare that we raised that has “bad colostrumsâ€

The first time this mare foaled, her foal was born healthy and was up and nursing within minutes. Text book everything.

2 days later the foal died. Ok, I couldn’t believe it. But we assumed that it had gotten stepped on or some other fluke thing.

OK, I bred the mare to a different stallion for the next year…… That foal was born healthy was nursing and at 2 days old, it all of a sudden was weak. So I took it to the vet. I explained to the vet what had happened to the mares foal from the last year.

I asked him if he thought that there might be something wrong with the mares milk?

He told me “probably “ and to never let her foals nurse on her, but to bottle feed them.

(We lost that foal too)

So, though the years, I have always tried to be there when she foals, because all of her babies are always strong and up within minutes.

I have bottle fed foals and had good luck, I have also lost her foals, if I wasn’t able to catch them before they got a chance to nurse.

1 year I had bred her to a 3rd stallion and still lost the foal.(these 3 stallions were not related)

Then a couple years ago, I decided to see if it was Really just her colostrums that was “bad†and not her milk.

She had a nice filly, that I was there for the birth. After it was up and dry, I took it away for 4 days( just to be on the safe side) I gave it colostrums that I save from other mares every year. And I milked this mare every couple hours,( just to be sure) for 4 days., then I put the baby back with mom. Lo and Behold baby survived!!!

I did the same thing last year. And another live baby.

This year, I missed the foaling ( I know, my fault)….The baby had a chance to nurse, so I thought, well, I will surly lose this foal too.

I had bred her to yet a different stud, so I decided to just leave the foal with her this time.

I did some praying too

Well, this little girl is now 9 days old and I am pretty comfortable that she will make it.

So I would like to introduce Glitters filly….as of yet unnamed.

If anyone has any name suggestions. Mom is Valley View All That Glitter and sire is Sulphuras Apache Flash Fire



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Oct 29, 2003
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This is a well documented fact. It is only the colostrum to which the foal is "allergic" Once that is gone it is safe to let the foal nurse. I would never take the chance ( I know you did not intend to ) and would take the foal away as soon as it is found and feed it replacement colostrum for the first 48 hrs (just to be safe) you can muzzle the foal and leave it with the mare or place it in an adjacent stall where Mama can see it. Congratulations on your beautiful precious baby.

Connie P

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Dec 1, 2002
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Armada, Michigan
Congratulations Cindy! Glad all turned out so well for you and Glitter.

How about

Valley View Glitter Bug


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Nov 30, 2002
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What a wonderful outcome for you! We have had that happen to us too. And once you milk out the colostrum, feed the foal colostrum from a different source, everything is usually fine -- as long as you catch the problem in time.

I call them " RH Factor" foals. It's when the antibodies in the colostrum is working against the foal instead of FOR the foal. The baby will nurse and then basically pass out. And after awhile you will see the whites of the eyes of the foal turning yellow, like jaundice. By then it's a critical situation.

Anyway, congratulations on a sweet little girl!



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Dec 24, 2002
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"Glitter's Eternal Flame"

I'm glad she is doing good. Hope she continues to do so!

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