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Sep 20, 2018
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Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Hi im new to the group i am from Nova Scotia canada. Also looking to connect with other mini owners and their experiences. I have 2 miniature mares ages 17yrs old. I have had them both for 3 years now. And I just recently started giving them 1/2 cup of Black Oil Sunflower Seed aka BOSS each once a day. But i have been reading posts about it some good and some bad. Im just wondering if anyone else feeds BOSS to their minis.. I have also heard that Flaxseed is also good for them. But BOSS is higher in omega 6 and low in omega 3, but Flaxseed is high in omega 3. Would i be able to feed both at the same time? At one feeding. I want to do whats best for these girls they mean everything to us. As we rescued them.
Welcome Aboard!  And Kuddos for rescuing two middle-aged mares!  We've owned and bred minis for 28 years and WE are still learning stuff.....

We have only fed BOSS or flaxseed for shedding off or improving their coats.  What else have you been feeding them?  Are you worried about their weight?
They are also on free choice hay, but im not considered about their weight. Just were they are getting older. I heard flax is good for many things. But also boss. And im torn between the two. Would it be safe to feed both boss and flax at the same feeding?

Welcome to the forums Pony Mom. I have fed both flax and BOSS and I have fed them at the same time. My experience is that you will want to watch the weight of your mares and adjust the amount of these hi fat seeds based on whether they start to put on too much weight. I believe Magic Marker was asking, are you feeding a senior feed aka a grain(pelleted feed) that is specifically formulated for senior horses. 
Are they also getting a vitamin/mineral block or a crumble version?
Pretty horses Pony.Mom. Glad to hear you rescued them. I have two rescues myself. One was literally on the truck with the next stop being the zoo for lion meat. Perfectly healthy and well behaved. Just an unwanted mini donkey. The guy tasked with hauling him called me last minute. I said yes and he made a pit stop here. We are glad to have him.

I feed mine flax seed oil during shedding but only then. Never heard of BOSS until now. I give mine a quarter cup of Equalizer/Equimax whatever its called every day. Free choice mineral block. Nothing else except good quality hay. I don't give the hay free choice because our hay is high quality and they will blow up like balloons if I let them have what they want. Once they get fat its hard to get them slim again and they can have issues very quickly. They've got decent pasture for forage.

I use a measuring tape and measure the fattest part of their belly about 10 inches from the last hair of their mane. I measure once a month and it helps me accurately monitor their weight. Its hard to tell when the winter coats come in as it makes them look like they gained 50 lbs. The tape tells the truth. My neighbor let her pony get too fat and blew the feet off the poor guy. He's still around but foundered so bad he'll probably never be the same again.
Aww poor little guy atleast he found a loving home. I have always wanted a mini donkey they are so cute. Can Flaxseed be feed year around though? or should it just be feed in the winter months and spring for shedding?
That's just my routine and mine gain weight easily so I'm extra careful. I know some people that feed it all year round for coat problems and even as a general nutrition additive. If yours are at a healthy weight I couldn't see why not. None of mine are seniors yet.
Yes, flax can be fed year round.  About 1 ounce by weight is appropriate for most minis for skin and coat; a 60 cc. scoop will hold 1 ounce weight of ground flax.
Thank you everyone. You have all been so welcoming and kind. I have found a senior feed for my minis and picked up some flax. And have taken my girls off the BOSS. As i was warned by a horse nutrionist to not feed. The feed i have food is CFS Elevate and also Valley Flax. 

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