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    Hats for halter class?

    I personally have always worn a hat whenever I show, whatever I'm showing in. I come from a QH background, so I partially blame it on that ;) It just comes down to what you feel best in and your personal preference. Although I will add, I have never once had a judge make a negative comment on my...
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    Summer/Mindy Foaled on 4/1/13!! Colt!*NEW PICTURES & VIDEO OF SMOKEY PG. 41* 5 WEEKS OLD

    Hey Mindy! Hope your girl is getting close to that time :-) I can't wait to see the foal! I hope everything goes well and with no issues. I will follow this thread now that I found it!
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    Horse O' Rama 2013 - Anyone going?

    Is anyone going to be attending the 2013 Horse O' Rama on the 9th of this month? We will be headed to Ft. Worth with at least three of ours. This will be our first time to go to this show, but we've heard great things about it and they are offering a few classes just for the minis, so it sounds...
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    Clipper Issue - Need Opinions!

    I just purchased the Laube brand cowboy clippers. They are the "mini." When I recieved them, I went to plug them in and turn them on, and nothing. At first I thought it was the plug so I tried several others. Well, turns out it's the clippers! Has anybody ever had this issue with these clippers...
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    Ft. Worth Stock Show - Who's attending?

    Im sorry to hear about all of your guys getting sick That's horrible! Hopefully this year all of the minis stay healthy. We too will only be head/neck clipping this year. It just gets too cold some nights here and I don't think it would be a good idea to clip them completely that early in the...
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    Ft. Worth Stock Show - Who's attending?

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Our first show of 2013 will be the Ft. Worth Stock Show. We attended this show last year and had an absolute blast! It's pretty neat to see all the different breeds and everything going on. Who all is planning on going? We will be there...
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    Hello from TX!

    Congratulations on your first miniature! They are a blast.
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    My personal opinion regarding AMHA/AMHR

    Thank you very much! It's neat that other people also share some of the same views that I do.
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    Help Santa! PLAY This Game & Win!!!

    Hmm, how about 17 for Monday!
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    My personal opinion regarding AMHA/AMHR

    Wow, that sounds awesome. Thank you very much!
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    My personal opinion regarding AMHA/AMHR

    Thank you very much! That's so nice of you to say.
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    Backing up at a show?

    Check out this video. It's of a showmanship class at AMHA Worlds from a while back. It's the 13-18 division. The first girl is very sharp and im pretty sure she won the class. She had a beautiful pattern! There isn't any backing, but it basically shows how you should show your horse for the judge.
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    Best accomplishment of the year

    Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful accomplishments! My best achievement for 2012 would have to have been coming home from Pinto Worlds with two Reserve World Champion titles in both the youth and open. I do all of my own fitting, clipping, etc. so it makes it extra special to me. I...
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    Best accomplishment of the year

    With it being the holidays and the end of the year, I thought it would be a neat idea to start a topic on our biggest accomplishments of 2012. What was your best acheivement of the year? It can be anything from winning big in the show ring, to breaking a horse to drive, or even purchasing your...
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    My personal opinion regarding AMHA/AMHR

    Thank you to all the members that posted a reply! I thoroughly enjoyed reading what each one of you had to say. Some very interesting points were brought up. Also, thank you all for the very nice compliments. I sure do appreciate them.