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    I asked my vet this spring when I helped a neighbor with a mare who didn't want anything to do with their foal if some ace would be ok (because I couldn't stand there with them all day and do what needed to be done and they were afraid of the mare) and he said ace was fine and was actually a...
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    my maiden mare had NO bag this year.still doesn't even with a foal...but has a healthy happy 1.5 month old foal on her side. you'd laugh at how small she was/is. I freaked out the first week that she wasn't producing enough milk/colostrum etc!!! apparently they don't have to have big boobies...
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    Wise to take out a loan for a horse?

    As a business Yes I probably would IF it was truly a good investment and I felt I could pay the bank loan off. Now on the other hand if it's really more than you can afford and will be paying off the animal for the rest of your life..probably not!! I think I heard on the news a month or two...
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    Show rate packages

    No no no..i didn't mean that all 6 horses should be allowed to show for only say your low low $45.00 fee for the day..but heck if I could do $45.00 entry fee for all day I'd jump on that!!! we pay $25-$30 per class here plus stalls, plus shavings plus plus plus. I meant they could set their OWN...
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    Show rate packages I have several mini's I show at AMHR... Usually at least 4 if not more. For me it ends up being VERY expensive to show my horses because I'm not able to qualify for the "$100 package". Most of my horses would only have MAYBE 5 classes max they would even qualify for. I usually only...
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    Cleaning Leather Harnesses

    I've always heard that it's neatsfoot oil COMPOUND that you want to stay away from as it will rot the stitching and that pure neatsfoot is fine. I know many of the neatsfoot oils if you don't read the label are really the compound and i think people run into a lot of problems because they are...
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    $375.00 Driving Stakes at Nationals

    I'm pretty sure it goes higher than 3rd place because I got paid in 08' for 2 horses and I think one was 3rd and the other was 8th... or maybe it was for the one that got 5th... not sure i'd have to go through my records..
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    Recommend treatment for scratches.

    Blue Kote.. works WONDERS even on really bad cases. If yours is minor right now just spray it on and I bet it will go right away. Only thing I found that would work on my mare that had it horribly bad and it's easy to use just spray it on and voila.
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    August 15 Edinburgh Indiana Show

    Is this a AMHR sanctioned show??
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    X-ray of dog's litter was way off the mark

    my first litter of Aussies we had the first 5 at home and then the 6th one was stuck. I watched her for an hour with contractions before I decided i'd better take her to the vet (hour is not unreasonable as you know). Unfortunatly it was 2:00am and most vet offices were not open.. took a whole...
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    Horse Seizure, one mini with me now

    Well my mare is pregnant but I know she is not due for a while and she is FAT... she's been out on pasture and I just now relised just how fat she is and she has a lot of swelling just like that that is definatly fat pockets. I would say it's probably fat pockets for your mare too.
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    Color experts, would you have said Bay?

    He looks like a liver chestnut to me. I have a mare that is pretty similar..her mane and tail are BLACK (or appear to be) but she's liver.
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    Natural ways to induce labor

    I've heard raspberry leaves can induce labor and are supposidly very safe. Can also affect the heat cycles and hormonal issues in mares by feeding it regularly. Often used in a Tea for humans. Maybe do some research on it. Can't hurt to try if it's safe.
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    I know this couldn't happen

    If you don't want her bred, call the vet and get a lutalayze shot which you give 10 days after her heat cycle. It will just bring her back into heat and will flush out the egg that she had in the opsie heat cycle. It is not dangerous and is like a morning after pill. Even if she didn't get...
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    I know this couldn't happen

    ospie double post