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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
I have recently started looking for a new broodmare to add to my herd...and have probably talked to several of you about mares you might have for sale! I'm in NO hurry whatsoever and am looking for "the one" that really makes me go wow...I have a couple in mind....but am wanting my trainer and husband's opinions first as I don't want to make any snap decisions! I do tell people this as well! Anyway....I try to be good about emailing people back and thanking them for information/pictures they've provided and to let them know if I'm going to continue my search and pass on their horse....is this so wrong? I have gotten good responses from a few people...thanking me for letting them know...and that's how I respond to people who I had been talking to about my sales horses also...I personally would prefer people let me know so I don't feel like I'm left hanging! I have also gotten snippy emails back and I just thought...geez...at least I didn't leave you hanging and just ignore you...like plenty of people have done to me! And really....it makes me not want to check back with these people again if that's how they're going to react if I tell them their mare just isn't quite what I'm looking for right now.

So what do you all do....do you let people know if you're no longer interested and are moving on....do you just stop emailing....what?!?!? I feel horrible if I'm irritating anyone...but at the same time...I would rather know!

OK...I think I'm done complaining now
Maybe I should just get back to browing the sale board....that'll make me feel better!

You can please some of the people all of the time and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. I would just shrug it off and go on.

I personally would appreciate knowing that the person was not interested and moving on.

Good manners are always the order of the day even when the receipient

doesn't appreciate your effort.

I think your responding to them just indicates it's a way you like to be treated

so you are treating others the same.

That can't be wrong.
Ironic isnt it.. so many people have posted here that they find it very rude for a buyer to not respond and tell them they have moved on and perhaps that the sellers horse just wasnt what they were looking for after seeing more pics and getting more info.

Yet some sellers get so highly offended when you try to tell them in a nice way that you are going to keep looking, or thanks but you dont think she will be exactly what your looking for but you appreciate there time .

They take it as a personal hit on them and there horses so sometimes...... you just cant win
Nope...you really can't win. I could see if I was totally rude about it...but I really don't think I am...I just say they're not quite what we're looking for and thank them for all of the info/pictures/time. And really it's not that I don't like the mares....they just aren't what I'm wanting right now....we don't keep a lot of horses...so I want one that jumps out at me and makes me really go wow...I'd love to have that horse! It is frustrating being a seller....but it can be just as frustrating being a buyer!!!

I personally would appreciate being told that you were continuing the search....then if other people are interested, but I'm waiting for the first person's decision, I know! Otherwise it feels like you're left hanging....

Not every horse is what every buyer is looking for...that's just part of life.

When I shop, which I dont do very often cause I hate it, What ever I buy has to say " TAKE ME HOME"

If it doesnt, it doesnt come home with me. :
I think you are showing a great deal of courtesy by letting the seller(s) know that their horses are not quite what you are looking for! Oh well... guess you can't please everyone. Keep doing what your doing - it's really the polite thing to do!
[SIZE=14pt]As a seller I prefer that people tell me they are not interested rather than never hearing from them again.[/SIZE]

I'm feeling much better now guys...thanks....I guess I just felt so guilty for saying I wasn't interested...even though most of the people I have told that to responded well...said good luck with my search, etc...which is exactly how I respond too. And really, even if I never hear from the person again...that's fine also...but the snotty thing...geez
....I just don't get it

I love shoppers like you.

If I get an inquiry about a horse I realize they are looking and asking. If they were "sold" on the horse they would be contacting me to say, "I've got to own this horse."

I have had several inquies about my filly Rose, I am so grateful to the ones who respond after I've sent pics and answered questions. I would much rather hear..."I really like her but..."the reason doesn't matter.

I am a firm believer in courtsey. The world would be a much better place if we all remembered our manners and treated others as we'd like to be treated. As for the snippy responses....I would not buy from anyone like that. I'm not desperate and you sure don't sound desperate. There's an awful lot of minis out there and I'm sure you'll find yours.
Thanks Freeland...I did talk to you about her....I always hope I send nice responses when the horse isn't going to work for what I'm looking for! I guess in the past I must have come across what I wanted before I was ready to buy or something
I have a couple of mares that I am giving some serious thought to....although one I haven't even heard from her owner yet

I for one believe you are being very polite, but unfortunately you are not alone in getting snippy answers. I have had MANY...... and I try and be as polite as I possibly can, in both seller or buyer position. However BOTH sellers AND buyers have given me snippy e-mails. Go figure. Usually, too, people just ignore you. You never hear from them again...... you don't know if they got hit by a bus and are in the hospital, or if they just don't llike your horse, your price, the shipping etc. It is SO nice to actually hear back, as long as it is not a rude reply, and I really appreciate people (like you) who do this.

It would be a wonderful thing indeed if everyone learned to say, "No, thank you" in a polite manner. Hey, I can dream........
It would be a wonderful thing indeed if everyone learned to say, "No, thank you" in a polite manner. Hey, I can dream........
Unfortunately those "rude" people don't realize that down the road that type of behavior can ruin sales in the future. They are only thinking of that "short term dollar" Extremely ignorant attitude if you ask me. I know if someone was rude to me I wouldn't bother ever contacting them again.......just on principle alone. Too many nice people out there to deal with jerks.

Actually I expect to hear back from a prospective buyer after sending photos if they are not interested. As a Seller you are in a catch 22 - for example, you advertise a horse, have several interested. You send out photos and don't hear anything back from a customer, someone comes along shortly thereafter and purchases the horse - then the person you have been in communication with early on shows up a few days later - and wants to purchase the horse and you have to write back and state that you are sorry, but it is sold....Which I can assure you - "always" will cause you to receive e-mails back which are not very nice - or ones that accuse you of selling a horse out from under them.....................

So yes, please continue to write back with the thanks but not quite what I am looking for right now...........messages.

If you receive a rude reply back, then just scratch that farm from your list...<trust me the rude reply is your first sign and just be glad that you received it early in the transaction>....there are hundreds of other farms that would be happy to receive your business and to do so in a polite, respectful fashion.
I think you are a very polite shopper and I would appreciate an email from someone saying it isnt what they are looking for, than to just never hear from someone again. I would not take it as an insult, since everyone has their own tastes and knows what they want.

You are also right to take your time and look.... shop til ya drop girl!
Sometimes the heat can make people overreact to an otherwise wise polite situtation. You may be doing everthing right and the heat and stress can be affecting their judgement. I think I have my one and only baby for this year sold, but she wants to see more pictures, so she too can change her mind, and I know if so, it was not meant to be. And she has been intrested for over a month now, but that doesent mean anything until she puts a deposit on my horse. "Until then I will continue to "wine and dine" her, until she tells me otherwise." It is truly a buyers market, with the shipping being so high now.
If I get an email that I think is snippy, I try to reread it with different emphasis such as punctuation.

I love email but it lacks the tone and modulation of the spoken word. Sometimes I reread my own emails or posts and wonder if it was taken wrong as I myself could read different tone to it than was intended.

Granted, some are snippy, but I really think that most people are not that way on purpose and it may be just lack of training in writing that makes it come across this way.

That is what I choose to believe anyway and it makes the snotty ones not hurt so bad.

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