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Apr 27, 2006
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I was @ king island yesterday and i was trying to catch up to my friends and parents and i walk in front off this rude lady I WAS NOT IN LINE and this person followed me and then BEAT ME like hit me on the arm and it really hurt KWIM btw its good now. But after the assult she said SCUZE YOU my mom said I could of beat her up I stuck my tough out @ her and ran away I was almost in tears WWYD?
The very best way to get back at someone who has been rude to you is kill them with kindness, will embarrass the heck out of them!

The worst thing to do is be rude back, then they will feel their rudeness was justified!
Well it is one thing for a stranger to be "rude" and another thing entirely for them to assault you! I would have notified a member of the facility's staff immediately. You do NOT want to get involved in a confrontation with people like that! I am very sorry that you had to endure that though--in my opinion this woman got off very light with you just sticking your tongue out...
Its one thing saying something rude and a whole new ball game if someone touches you. I'm not sure what I would have done in that case. I have never had someone hit me. There are rude people everywhere you go. Was she bigger than you?
yea she was bigger than me probily 40 and im almost 11.
Oh wow! Knowing shy little me, I'd probably be too stunned to say anything! Did she hit you in front of your parents? But agreeing that if anything happens like that to anyone, young or old, immediately contact staff or who ever is the head honcho of the place you're visiting. Did anyone else watch Tru TV or Court TV, whatever they call themselves now, and see the trial about the lady who was choked with the lanyard around her neck from some lady she supposably cut in front of on a ride at Disney? How crude and rude the world has become today...
OOOO! Goodness! Don't even get me started!!!! I hate people that do things like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
if i i was u i would beat the beatbulp outa em, maybe thats cuz im a youth and i dont like being hit

and what flipping bussiness does a 40 year old have hiting a kid whos almsot 11 like if i was there even if i dint know ether of you i would have done somthing, thats jsut wrong and stupid, your parents should have done something
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she didnt beat me really bad she just slaped me on the arm.
This isn't what I would recommend but as fast as my reflexes are, I'd have smacked her back before even thinking what I should do.
No one has the right to assault you and that is what she did. I would have screamed and reported her to the facility's staff.

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