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Jan 13, 2004
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I'm getting very excited about taking my little Sugar to her first ever show in August. I'm working on getting her in shape. She needs to lose more than a few pounds. I've been lunging her, but I also want to take her for walks, as I myself could stand to be in better shape.

I thought it would be fun to take her up the road and walk down the sidewalk. Would it hurt her hooves to walk her on the sidewalk for a couple miles?

If, by a couple of miles, you mean just one or two, she should be fine, provided her hooves are already in fair shape.

If she's a mature horse and has already been working on somewhat hard ground, then it should not hurt her at a walk.

If she's younger, then go slowly and build up to the peak length of time.

Taking walks w/your mini is a great idea to help her get in condition.

Liz M.
Dont forget to take along your hoof pick, as they sometimes pick up pebbles in the hooves. I would see how she does with a block or two at first, before going that far, as some can tire more easily than others.
Buy a product from Horse Health .com called Venice Turpentine and paint it on the soles of her feet every other day the first week and then after that about 3 times a week. It will toughen up her soles a lot. She won't get sore at all.
Thanks everyone! Sugar is three years old and she is used to taking pretty long walks around the farm. I just wanted to be sure the sidewalk wouldn't make her sore. I do have some venice turpentine and I will use that on her soles.

Just trying to find a way to make getting her in shape more fun and interesting for us both.

Thanks again! :D


We used to walk our minis on the sidewalk and pavement when we lived in Portland. If your horse is not used to pavement, she will tire at first, but pay close attention and gradually build up the distance.

Don't forget how slippery sidewalks and roadways can be, and beware what people have planted in their gardens along the way. Watch especially for red maple trees. Something that your horse may ordinarily ignore may seem appealing on strange ground, and my horses have been known to take a swipe as they pass an interesting plant. I'd avoid any grass that does not have weeds, as it probably has been chemically treated.

We did not allow any grazing except on areas of our choosing to avoid problems.
I dont think starting out slow (for both of you) is a bad thing nor will it hurt her WALKING i see tons of people trotting there horses (driving) for miles on pavement which is a whole different thing.

I would start out with a 1/2 a mile and work your way up

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