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Oct 22, 2005
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So the weather finally has gotten warm (quick....knock on wood) here. The snow has melted and left us buried in mud. We have been diligently working on cleaning and remodeling our barn. We needed a break!

SOOOOOOOOO........ we decided to clip one of our 2007 fillies. We always knew that she was something a little special - attitude, the "look", and a willingness to try to be friendly while attempting to keep her distance. Re-introducing Longman's Legacy Madison!!!! Funny thing is, her half sister is standing in a mud puddle playing - she's too dirty to clip right now, but I have a feeling that Longman's Legacy Mercedes is probably gonna be better!! Both girls can be seen on our site if you want more pictures.

Here she was last year:



And here she is today - yeah, we couldn't wait to take the pictures until she was completely clipped.


She's so refined she's practically swimming in that halter. VERY nice!
Funny thing is, the halter is a "teeny weenie" halter. She is almost 26" tall - the gates in our barn are 32" for contrast.

She is going to be on the show string for 2008 - her half sister unfortunately isn't going to be. We just don't have enough room for her........
Funny thing is, the halter is a "teeny weenie" halter. She is almost 26" tall - the gates in our barn are 32" for contrast.
Oooh 26." Now THAT is my kind of filly! Will we get to see clipped pics of her sister too?
She is a looker for sure! And only 26" she doesn't look it she looks so nice Adam. congrats and it will be fun to see her showing. Really nice. Lavonne
Adam, she is a real beauty. I love a nice bay mare! I have a nice yearling filly who is now 31" tall, that still uses a weanling halter! Your filly has the whole package. Can't wait to see her all clipped! Too funny that you got so excited 1/2 way through that you had to do the pictures RIGHT THEN! It is like opening Christmas presents, isn't it? :D
She is beautiful Adam!!! :D

She is my faverite color too
. She has Leeana written all over her, did i mention i am looking for a under filly ;)
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