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Jul 8, 2006
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Still undecided on who to vote for??? This should solve that dilemma

an e-mail from Ireland

An email from Ireland to all of their brethren in the States...a point to ponder despite your political affiliation:

'We, in Ireland , can't figure out why you people are even bothering to hold an election in the United States .

On one side, you had a pants wearing female lawyer, married to another lawyer who can't seem to keep his pants on, who just lost a long and heated primary against a lawyer, who goes to the wrong church, who is married to yet another lawyer, who doesn't even like the country her husband wants to run !

Now...On the other side, you have a nice old war hero whose name starts with the appropriate 'Mc' terminology, married to a good looking younger woman who owns a beer distributorship !!

What in God's name are ya lads thinkin over in the colonies !
Love the Irish!
Welllllllllllllllll, now everyone's going to know why I'm really for McCain
That O' in my name isn't just there for decoration
I knew my Irish blood would show up at some point! I like their thinking.
Now obviously he'd still have to be native born-but if McCain were, say, raised by Irish parents and had one of those wicked awesome accents? I'd be all over this ticket!

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