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Dec 8, 2003
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Sandusky, OH
So I have been thinking of the way the economy has been and wondering if those that are selling horses are having more trouble selling them then they did in the past? I know I have been looking to buy another mare and not sure if its the best thing to do right now. I don't know if its just me or if others are having the same second thoughts.

So what is your opinions of the economy on the horse market?

Great question. I am too worried about the economy. With lay off and prices going up I am so scared. There will always be a market for great horses. But the problem is their are so many not so great horses.

You have to look at your situation and then decide. Consider your job, income, expenses and future. Think about emergencies and things that can happen. Make an educated decision.

I di think the market will trun around, I just dont know when.
OMG yes! I have the nicest mare for sale for what I paid for her as a weanling and still no bites! I hate selling but it has to be done.
I've been trying to sell a dead broke ride/drive 40" kids pony for almost 6 months, I had one family come out and they bought a different horse but for some reason the guy I can't seem to find the right family for him. I'll keep trying though. I hope for everyone that it picks up soon in all markets not just the horse market.

To be perfectly honest Last month was our best month for selling horses than any other month in the past. And this month is looking good too we are getting more emails about our horses on our sales page that we can't even keep up, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A MARKET FOR QUALITY HORSES. Yes I believe that pet quality horses aren't selling because a horse is an expensive pet. I think that the horse market as a whole will turn around soon enough.
Not really, then agian i do not really have much for sale myself. I started listing a gelding back around thanksgiving and got a few inquires on him, it was just a matter of the right home coming along as he is really special to me. Quality to boot! I just recently found him an amazing home (show home / CDE), took a while but for him and i really let him go incrediably cheap considering his show record, training record, pedigree, conformation ext.

I get plenty of Inquires and potential buyers, he was just special to me and i wanted him to go to someone special

Another view on this, instead of looking at it from being a "seller" ..what about looking at it from a "buyers" p.o.v
. I really have not been affected much by the hay prices, grain is starting to rise ..bedding is not to bad $$$. I have been a buyer mood this past winter and i will pay for a nice horse. A nice horse eats the same amount of $$$ each day as a not so nice horse, which would i rather have in my barn?
. It really is a buyers market AND the breeders that put out quality horses are selling their horses for what they are actually worth with ease and always will.
I haven't been advertising my horses, just have some of the sale horses listed on my website, and I've sold four horses in the last two months, with serious inquiries on several more.
Someone even managed to talk me out of one of my "keepers".

The best thing is that, since the pictures I take just don't do my horses justice, people are *very* pleased when they see the horse in person, lol!
The market is strange around here right now. I have sold two biggies in Jan & got my asking price and have had people come look even though I tell them nothing is for sale right now...they want to come look and then try to buy so I ask what it is they are wanting a mini for ...pet-show-breeding and try to steer them in the right direction to friends that have nice minis for sale!
Sold a yearling mare to Florida this past week for a very reasonable price and have some pretty serious bites on a Top 3 mare with a fairly large price on her as well. I think those who have the cash set aside can make some pretty good buys right now as people with large amounts of horses start panicking over hay, etc.

I wish I had some extra cash laying around so I could take advantage of the deals I've had to pass up!
I have sold 7 horses in the last 3 months. They were all large horses, but we have gotten fairly good prices for the right horse. I just sold a QH mare for $6000, and her yearling colt for $2000, they are race horses (or soon to be) and so I am pleased with those prices.

Like Leanna said. It is the same cost to feed an ugly horse as it is a show stopper, so why not just buy the show stopper.

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