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Sep 13, 2021
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Hi everyone-
This is my first winter with a mini (or actually, with any horse). My guy is super light and has double blue eyes. I stopped having him wear a fly mask a few weeks ago and his eyes seem so irritated and a little red and sun burned. I had him wear his mask yesterday and his eyes seem much better today. I don't mind putting his mask on him all year, but wondering if there are other, more comfortable eye masks for winter? A quick Google search came up with nothing.
It is an issue to keep that mask on their super furry faces. If the mask is too snug, you might try getting a larger size. I'm considering doing that myself.
My sister has a light colored horse with blue eyes and she is having to keep his mask on him.
I have a couple like that. I use Masks For Minis masks. They are made to fit the horse and can be adjusted for a looser fit and still be comfortable for the horses.

You can also trim the bridle path just wide enough for the poll strap and shave some of the jaw hair back to help with fit.

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