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Mar 24, 2006
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Fruitvale B.C. (Canada)
Was out filling the horse's water trough yesterday, when there was a commotion with the robins and some unknown bird-(at the time). The robins literally picked/tortured this bird out of the sky. Once it landed with a terrible hurt screeching sound , I see that it's HURT--badly
. Once I caught it, I saw that it's wing is broken to the bone/flesh.

There isn't much chance of it living out on it's own like that, so I have it in a quiet area of my barn. I've been giving it water-(in between pecks to my fingers). It seems to be the age where it has just left the nest, and now that it has survived all this shock--how to fix it/feed it. Nobody in my area takes wild birds, and if I let it go i'm sure it will die.

I've rehabbed birds before, but never a juvenile black & white woodpecker

(Picture Of What Bird Species This One Is)

I'll take pictures after a while.

--Also--everytime this bird makes noise the Robins go nuts outside the barn. It's almost like a scene out of that movie "The Birds". Poor thing
Oh dear, it is a downy woodpecker...such a shame, you are doing what you can, the water, they eat bugs and grubs but the hurt will probably take her. I shall send something for the pain and maybe she'll go easier. Bless your heart for caring, this is one of my totem friends.
You may want to try giving mealworms.

That was what a trio of fledgling acorn woodpeckers I was rehabbing here several years ago were very keen on eating.

*I'm a certified wildlife rehabber but since I'm heavily into the dogs I haven't done much is several years.*

Do you have any Wildlife Rehabilitation services in your area?
Just got in from feeding the horses and giving birdie more water.

I can get mealworms here soon--(next hour), and will try those. Our closest bird rehab is in Creston B.C., Canada. That rehab is an hour and a half drive, and if this would have happened earlier, I could have dropped the poor thing off when we went to pick up our hay.

I don't have any way to get to that rehab now--(one vehicle household), so I hope I can rehab here at home. I will try my best. Although when I went out to check and water my feathered friend, the poor thing seems a little less 'feisty'.

I will do all that I can for this poor hurt bird.

Did you call the bird rehab center and ask if there is anyone else that could take the bird? I had an injured flicker last year & I called the center here (well, in Winnipeg, 2 hours away) to ask if there was anyone in this area that could take the bird. The lady I talked to directed me to one of the local vet clinics--one of the vet there is licensed to care for injured birds and wildlife. I drove the bird the 10 miles into town & dropped him off & I assume he was nursed back to health.

There may be someone like that in your area?

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