Why would anyone treat an animal like this.

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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
This happened several years ago but a friend told me about another case that happened recently. I wondered if it was the same people.

The story is this, the local law enforcement got a complaint about some horses that were being kept in a horse trailer and called me to go with them to check on the welfare of the animals ( I was an equine cruelty investigator at the time). When we arrived at the residence, there was a stock trailer sitting in the yard and inside were 2 ponies. The people did not have a fence so they just kept them in the trailer. The ponies had food and water and the trailer was clean but the ponies had almost no muscle tone. It seems that they had been living in the trailer for quite some time. They had not had turnout or even been taken out of the trailer for months.

After being seen by a vet the horses were removed from not only the trailer but also the owners, it took a long time for them to re-gain their muscle tone.

I wonder how the people would feel locked in a small room for months.

I cannot understand why anyone would do that to an animal. I could understand putting them in there in an emergency but why on earth would someone not at least get them out and exercise them and allow them room to move around or think that it is okay for long periods of time. It does not take that long nor cost that much to put up a fence and a run-in shed and if they couldn't afford fencing and a shed, what would happen if they needed a vet?

I got a Haflinger starvation case in January last year and she had a fence and a run-in before the day was out. I did it by myself. It isn't hard and doesn't take long either. I refuse to have an animal without shelter and without room to exercise.

I wish we could change the laws so that when someone abuses an animal they would get the same treatment as their animals.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I dont understand it either. Or how could they just let them stand there? Losing muscle tone? The least they could have done is made something where they could see the sun (if they couldnt) or excersise them (if they didnt). People. This is why i love animals more than my own species
How could they do it? Just stupidity, and no doubt a lot of laziness. Yes, it's easy enough to put a fence up, and do it fairly quickly--and building some sort of shelter isn't all that hard, nor even costly--but the fact is some people are just plain too LAZY to have animals. They got the horses for whatever reason, didn't have a place to put them--or maybe they had to move them quickly from wherever it was they had been keeping them--so stuck them in the trailer for time being. That worked well for 24 or 48 hours, so they just continued on--they figured that keeping them fed and watered and the trailer cleaned out was work enough--lots less effort than putting up a fence, and cheaper too. Even a cheap fence costs something, so perhaps they didn't have it to spend, or simply didn't want to spend it...and then were too dumb to realize that horses do need to have room to exercise for at least a portion of each day.
My guys have 3 large pastures which I alternate them through. They also have a rather large dry lot and run in. AND, I still take at least one of them out in the neighborhood for a walk on nice days. We're usually gone for an hour. It gets them out to see new things, and it makes me walk, too. Even if they were in the stock trailer, there is no reason why they could not have been walked in the evenings. My guys LOVE it. As soon as I get the lead rope out, they are all pushing and shoving to be the one I pick. And sometimes I worry that even though I have tons of pasture, they aren't getting enough exercise because all I see them do is eat!! LOL
Some people just don't realize the care that needs to go into an animal. Clearly they did care about the animals if they were fed and watered and the trailer was kept clean. They just don't do the research. Ignorance and a little bit lazy I would guess. It's sad to see that's for sure.

As for the starvation of an animal. That blows my mind. I can't even sit down to breakfast knowing my animals haven't been fed yet. It takes a low kind of person to let an animal slowly starve. I would go hungry before I would let my animals go hungry.
There's a big horse nearby that's been tied to a tree all summer. He goes for occasional walks and then its back to another tree to eat around it. He does have hay and water but there's no fencing or barn for a shelter so he's left out in storms. I'm so worried about him this winter. How stupid for someone to have a horse that cannot or will not provide fencing and shelter. Then don't have them. Same with dogs. No fence or dog house and nobody cares. No law, no nothing, no one to call about it. Makes me crazy.
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what a horrenous existance , what the heck is wrong with people , have they NO empathy ?
People are ignorant some times.
i think of what a nice feeling it is to have my guys safely in the barn at night with there clean airy stalls and hay and water and grain and on the really cold nights they get a warm mash as a treat. Or when you let them out on there grass pasture and they look so happy and you know you have some well cared for and loved animals. Even if my guys dont get out due to bad weather or what not I still try to brush them or get them out of there stalls a bit. How would people like being cooped up in a small room and not aloud to walk around and only given there food and water?? Sure they would survive but thats not a life. Even people in jail are aloud to walk around and excersise. Common sense is lacking in some people I think and it makes for very dangerous and sad situations

Kudos to you though for being involved in such a good thing
bet those horses and animals you help are grateful

As for the starvation of an animal. That blows my mind. I can't even sit down to breakfast knowing my animals haven't been fed yet. It takes a low kind of person to let an animal slowly starve. I would go hungry before I would let my animals go hungry.
how very true!!
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