Who are your Rolling Ridge horses?

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Oct 18, 2012
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Southern New Hampshire
Curious to see how many "rolling ridge-ers" are on the forum. And the various pedigrees they might have :)

I have Rolling Ridge Reflections of Blue, and her pedigree can be found here -> http://www.allbreedp.....&small_font=1=

In her career as a broodmare, she has had all fillies. Her first daughter (a Rolling Ridge) is Rolling Ridge Reflections Reward (or "tater-tot" by Far Vista Farms Little Buckeroo)

Alright, I'm done gushing. Who are your Rolling Ridge Mini's?




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I showed against Rolling Ridge Reflection of Blue years ago. I don't know if you ever saw her in person back then but if you didn't- she was (and still is) SO beautiful. She was a show stopper.

I also showed against Rolling Ridge Blue Tiara, another beauty beauty. I showed in Youth Jr Mares with her and swapped a couple of victories, although usually was 2nd! There was a boy about my age who showed with Jim... I want to say his name was Danny Boling?? He showed Tiara and Blue Lilly the same time I was showing.

There was another one, a mare named Rolling Ridge Blue Lilly (there were a couple that didn't have "R" names), a grey and white pinto, who was shown a lot too.

Jim Briton was a super nice guy too. His program was so far ahead of its time! I thought they were gorgeous back then, and it's amazing to me how I swear they'd stand in good company 20 years later.
I only met Flexie when I started working for Liz and Frank De Bem in August... And when I found out she was being retired I snatched her up! Already having a ball with her in her old age, did ground driving today (of which she only stood for for about ten minutes and then decided she had enough and wanted to do jumping and liberty instead.)

Been around big horses all my life, so mini's are definitely a new learning curve for me. :)

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