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Dec 5, 2003
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Otis Orchards, Washington (just east of Spokane)
I have a predicament next year. I have 2 two year old fillies that I would like to show, the problem is they are both in the over AMHR division.

I would consider showing one pony as a lot of our shows have that option but...I am not sure what class to go in with them and if they would be competitive. Both are close to the same size 34-35 inches as 2 yr olds. Both are Foundation Certified Classics. I want to finish the ones HOF as she is so close but then I could show her either way.

Please dont misinterpret my stupidity for arrogance but I do not think they fit the typical "Foundation" criteria and I do not want to enter them in something they should not be in.

So my question is would they be competitive in a classic class or are they too small and/or would it be ethical to show them in a Foundation class, or am I totally missing the whole thing here?

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Hi Annette,

Are they coming two or coming three? (this time of year it's hard to tell! LOL) How old are they in the photos? Now this might sound a little corny but if I'm going to show a pony Foundation I look at it and try to picture it in a heavy (draft) harness. Could the pony carry a heavy harness and look good? Does it have the bone structure to carry a heavy harness?

Other things to think about - do your local shows offer over and under Classic classes? Having over and under make it so much easier if you have one that you think is too refined for Classic.
Small ponies can be competitive even in the Under Classic division but it can be pretty tough for them to be really competative when they are out against ponies 10 inches taller than them!
Thanks Lewella, they are yearlings in the pics and coming 2 yr olds. Yes we do have Over/Under classes, but wouldn't that still be 42 and Under? That still is a huge difference.

I am just trying to get my options figured out. I hate to leave one home but I could take the first out and finish her, she only needs like 6 points and a grand in her 2nd year to finish, then take the other out for the rest of the yeat and that would qualify them both for Nationals.

I am thinking I would like to show the lighter sorrel in pony as to me she looks more pony than the other, what is your take?
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WallStreets Mr. Mitz (the 2004 Congress National grand Champion Classic gelding) is SMALL - he was a yearling last year and I saw him at several local shows with his trainer and my friend Belinda Bagby........I would say he was about 35ish last year as a yearling and Won EVERYthing all the time. As long as the horse is there size shouldn't matter that much, I mean to me it would matter more with the minis as if you have a 29" horse up against the 34" horse then you really have to "get down low" to get a good angle on the smaller horses.

also they might measure a little bigger as I am pretty sure they measure the shetlands from the highest point on the wither ( that is bad I had a shetland showing last year and didn't pay much attention as I knew she was under)
Hi Again Annette

Remember, Foundation is also 42 and under so there are going to be larger ponies in those classes too but they are going to have bone and substance that may make them appear even bigger.

If they were mine I'd choose the lighter girl to show Shetland also - she does have a little more the pony "look".

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