Where would I get the best training info for halter

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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
Are there any books or a web sites that would give good directions on starting babies for show. I just want to start with halter and then go on to showmanship next year.
I am bumping this up for you as I hate it when no one answers my posts. I dont have advice for you but perhaps someone else will once this is at the top again. Good Luck.
If you can find a trainer or someone whose been showing for a while that can show you what to do, that will help more than any book. I don't know of any books. Just learned watching and working with trainers. Good luck!
Are you a member of one of the registry's sanctioned clubs? If not, join! If so, start asking other members who show who they would recommend as a trainer for a WEANLING. In other words, you want a gentle trainer. And you want one that is in your region, so you can go visit them.......pick their brains.......And tell them you want to pay for their services.

As for a book? I'm afraid I can't think of one. Everything that WE have learned has been hands-on.
I just joined Mason-Dixon but haven't heard back from them. I have the show schedule for the Thurmont MD and other local AMHR shows. Gonna go watch. I will also try to meet some people. I did find a couple books also. But yes watching others is better. Thanks all for the advice.

Thanks for the bump!

I am so excited to get started. Hope to show my own horse before the end of summer.

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Its so hard to type out all the little things that mean so much when getting a horse ready to show. I would recommend getting a mentor that lives close by. Also DVD's can be good because you have the visual. MOst people are so friendly at shows and willing to help new people. Go and have a blast!
Well, to start out if you wanted to go to the show, there are a few things you can do. Then improve from there as you watch and learn.

Conditioning is the most important for a halter horse. But as you work them, get them to set up. The front legs should be a nice line with their shoulder and their back legs not stetched behind them. You can touch a horse's legs to set them up, but I find it is hard to do that when the judges are walking all around. So I just teach mine to setup. Make sure they know how to whoa with lots of commotion and you not being directly in front of them. You don't want to be in front of your horses nose, but at least a foot of so in front of them. That way you aren't "crowding" your horse when you ask for a stretch (something I learned after my first shows). When you ask for a stretch, you want their head to go up and out. Not down. If you ask too much, then you'll gator their neck. You can kind of look at magazine pics and have someone watch you. But its a learned thing you'll do later when you get to know your horse. Sometimes your horse will want to stretch forward with their body. You don't want this. You want them to stretch their neck with their head, not their body.

It all comes. Hope it helps.
This is excellent to get me started. Another question is one month old to young to start teaching them to walk on lead and stacking out?

If I walk her along with her mother on lead. Do you think making it a positive experience instead of trying to pull them the best? Just give her a little forward pressure on the lead till she walks on?

I'm gonna start tonight!

Ok took her for a walk, she's a natural! She just walked right with me and almost everytime she stopped she was stacked out nice and square. Got to get some pics this week when the sun comes out and post um. She's my little show girl! I'm so thrilled. She would be awesome in liberty, she would trot along with her little tail straight up in the air and her legs pumping up real high. She is on my avatar at 1 day old.
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