Where do you buy your pony tack?

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Aug 10, 2008
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I have a Shetland and am having a hard time finding tack that fits, even just halters. Mini halters are too small and full size weanling/yearling halters fit wonky. Where do you shop for your tack?
My pony has an odd size head (for his size 😉), mini halters are usually too small and pony halters are usually too big....I got a Tough One weanling halter from Amazon that fits pretty good.
Two Horse Tack let's you enter your own measurements at checkout...
Did you guys read that Chimacum Tack is not able to do custom tack and harness anymore? Their supplier is short on harness-making staff and can't keep up with regular-sized supplies let alone custom sizing or colours!
I get my custom harness from Equi-Market in Alberta, Canada, who does the Comfee-Fit products. However, since they're not going to be able to get custom anymore, I'll be buying more from Quebec, Canada from harness makers at Equin-Star. They built my hackney's harness and I'm really pleased with it.
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