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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
My new mare Dolly is due to foal some time this month, not sure of a specific date as she was pasture bred. She is 13 years old and has had many foals including a gorgeous sorrel pinto filly last year. Well, she just started getting milk in yesterday from my observations (I am new to this whole foaling thing). Someone just a few days ago mentioned the milk plugs coming out and that is how my mare looked this morning. The milk seems to be coming in pretty fast and her back end has softened a bit these past couple days. She doesn't appreciate me poking around at her bag much but was fine with it before, so she must just be getting more sensitive in that area. Yesterday and today she ate her grain VERY slowly, which she has never done before. She's also been rolling a lot. This morning when I had her out on a walk she rolled 4 times in about 20 minutes. She's not acting colicky or anything like that, just uncomfortable with her big tummy. Her previous owner told me this mare usually foals about 2 to 2.5 weeks after she starts bagging. Does this sound right? What are your experienced mares' foaling patterns? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks for listening to me. I am nervous/excited and just need some reassurement.
I'm no expert but from your description......I'd be watching her VERY close. The rolling sounds like she is gettng the foal in position. With the other sign of milk and appetite change....sounds like you'll have a foal soon. Good Luck!
I agree with Russ. I'd be watching her closely too. Keep checking her butt muscles as they will get VERY soft. (I call it a "jello butt"). And try testing her milk consistancy.

Take a warm damp washcloth and gentley wash her bag, including up inbetween the nipples. This is a good time to get some milk onto your hand and see how sticky it is. You want the milk to be almost like syrup or honey-sticky.

The other descriptions you've given are all signs of her getting close too.

She sounds VERY close.

I would keep her monitored.

Good luck with the new one


I am keeping a close eye on her you can bet. I'm thinking she is at least a week away yet but only time will tell. As long as she has it by the 27th, I'll be happy. I'm supposed to leave on vacation that day. I've been careful not to let her know that, though, because from the sounds of it these mares can hold off a LONG time
I too am on mare stare...I have been watching my brodmare closely, and low and behold my maiden mare snuck right in there!
Doing the same as your mare, she is at day 309 or 330, and this is my first foaling experiance, so I was hoping that the broodmare would go first so I could see how things progress.Started at 11pm, called the vet he came out and said the foal was getting into position, to watch her closely. He gave her 4cc bantamine, she calmed right down and now I am back on stare with 2 mares. Sleep?? What is that?? What day is it now?? What is my name?? I wouldn't miss this for the world though. We are very excited and can't wait for our 2 little additions to come. Good Luck...
Good luck to you too at Rockin R! I hope your experienced mare goes first for you. I would want it the same way if I had one like that and then a maiden. Be sure to let us know what happens. My mare's bag continues to fill so we wait....and wait......and wait some more

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