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Oct 22, 2005
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Twinkle is getting on really weird

i have him turned out 18 hours a day with excess to his stable at all times,

he is okay at first thing in the morning when i let him out, and goes for a dose midday

then he gets on really crazy, he swishes his head round at his back legs and jabbs as though he is boxing with his back feet.and bucks at the air,

ive tried everything

i check his feet ,

i taken off his rugs,

ive plaited his tail,incase the wind was annoying him,

groomed him and ,when im with him hes ok,but when i look out my window he is doing it ,

would needing his sheath cleaned be the issue???

he was gelded a year ago,and i noticed the other day his sheath was yukky

if so what is the best way to do it, i tried to go in, but he just sat down like a dog,

thanks guys
It sounds to me like your guy may have ulcers. I had a mare show very similar symptoms last year and when I treated her for ulcers she stopped. It is possible that he has a bean but I've never seen a gelding so desperate for a cleaning that they acted out like that. Good luck I hope you can find a cause soon.
I was thinking tummy ache. Generally when horses bite at something behind them, its an indication of stomach problems. If its a re-occuring problem, I would say ulcers.

I'm not familiar with how horses act if they need their sheath cleaned. My riding gelding swelled up like a stallion. That's when I knew he needed a major cleaning!

Are there flies or bugs around??? Could be biting at them???
this has been going on since i moved him up to my home, where its quite windy, maybe hes not used to the wind?

there is no flies about when he does it, im baffled....

any suggestions
Sitting like a dog is a classic sign of ulcers. You can now buy Ulcer Guard through a horse supple store, not just from a vet or with a prescription. He may need a course of that medicine.

However, the bucking and antics to me could seem to be from his sheath if it is really dirty (you should clean it for him -- it may be itching and he's desperately looking for a way to make it stop but he cannot reach it), or being wound up due to high winds. I've had many horses who are fired up when it's windy (more spooky and jumpy).

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