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Apr 23, 2007
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I was just reading throught the topic about which colored horses people like most. I noticed alot of pinto and appy breeders prefer not to have greys incase the foal greys out.

I was wondering what the odds were of this happening?

For instance if you bred a grey mare (grey (non homozygous) x non grey) to a non grey stallion what is the odds of the foal turning grey? Is it 50/50 or are their other factors involved?
From that cross--heterozygous grey x non-grey--each foal has a 50% chance of getting the grey gene and therefore turning grey.
I have a grey mare here who is bred to an appy for next year. She had several foals, only one greyed out.

Her daughter was the grey one, she has had I wanna say 5 foals, again only one has greyed so far.

Yes the chance is 50/50 but I have seen them throw less then 50% and some more then 50%.

To me, I love greys, but a good horse is never a bad color in my eyes. I love color, but that isnt what I breed for.
Think of it as flipping a coin. Each time, you've got a 50% chance of getting heads (grey). But, that doesn't mean you can't flip it 10x and get tails (non grey) each of those times.
Thanks for the replies

Jill I liked they way you explained it! Easy to understand

Im a huge fan of greys
I do think that grays can be absolutely beautiful, I used to have two of them and LOVED the look of them.
But, in an appaloosa program they can be frustrating (get a gorgeous appy just to see all the color turn to white) and since so few people are interested in purchasing gray foals, I sold both of mine. My gray mare had a buckskin, a palomino, then a black that carried the gray gene. As beautiful as grays can be, they just won't work for *my* program (though I have and do breed just solids as well). But gray is NOT a "bad" color by any means!
I am glad to hear at least a few folks like the grays. I have a new filly that was an odd color when she was born...but she is out of a dapple gray mare and my blue roan app...she is going to be a lovely shade of gray...and I just love her.

I agree with Magic

I LOVE Grays they are So Stunning

but if you are trying for other Colors and Patterns Gray can be a heart breaker jmo
Oh man I LOVE a "true Arabian gray" horse! Would love to have a mare that color some day!
I can imagine how frustrating it would be with color breeding!!

I do love appies (my fave) and would be a bit disapointed if my dream foal which is a black blanket appy (with great conformation and temp of course) went grey even if I adore greys.

Thanks again everyone.
We have admired Egyptian King horses, but with how strong he is for the grey gene, we avoid that line.

It just does not work in our pinto breeding program.
We have admired Egyptian King horses, but with how strong he is for the grey gene, we avoid that line.
Why would you avoid it? You cant get a grey foal with out a grey parent, there are plenty of EK horses that are not grey.

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