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Nov 30, 2002
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I plan on giving everyone baths.

Everyone is already clipped up very well, so after the baths, I would love to take some very well needed up to date pictures, if I can get Michael my photographer to help out. He doesn't cut heads off

We are out of food yet again, gosh, can't keep enough food stocked, I swear they eat like crazy here so I have to go food shopping. Boy, school needs to start!

I am not sure if we have anything planned on more barn construction this weekend. After last week's bulldozer screw up I think we are temporarily out of funds. So it looks like I'll be building more gates and hopefully get our round pen back up now that they built me up a nice pad for it.

We will be watching the weather closely. I hear that we may be in for some serious rains on Sunday.

So, whatchadoing this weekend?

Take care, God Bless and enjoy!

Gone fishin........

Tomorrow morning, we're going to trim the horse feet we didn't trim last weekend, mow the grass now that it has FINALLY rained, paddock patrol (cleaning) and maybe some driving.

Will have my fingers crossed and thoughts on Erica who is showing Destiny and some of her other wonderful horses this weekend in IL.

Not real sure about what we're doing on Sunday yet.
[SIZE=14pt]Going to go to Ohio and pick up the girls HAttie and Bailey from being bred to Steel. Doc sent me the babies first pics....their ultrasounds. They are due may 9th and may15th 2006 according to the pics.[/SIZE]

We just got back from the Julep Cup Show held at the Kentucky Horse Park. We decided not to show there this year as we will be there next week end at the R - Shetland show...... Visited with our friends, Connie & Tim & several other show buddies that we have not seen in awhile................. Going back Sunday taking some friends & new mini owners as they have not been to the Julep Cup Show yet.... Yes it was hot!
We are havign a slab put in for our new shop so Sunday we will be workign on that part but Saturday my husband and I are going to go to a Sporting Clays shoot. It will be my very first registered shoot so I am excited to say the least. And I just bought a new gun too so it should be interesting to see how I shoot with a new gun. and tomorrow, I am sending in all of my Nationals stuff too...yiippiieee!!!! I am starting to get excited about that now too.
Woot Woot!

Im happy to hear that it wont be as scorching hot as the last weekend...Maybe I wont feel like Im going to die by noon!! Planning on lasting the whole day
LOL. (it wasnt THAT bad, but you get the picture

Have a good one ya'll!

Sat-play chaffeur to brothers(BOOO), drive tandem?, yard work

Sun-go out with friends?, drive Elvis single, yard work, help my mom with Ref's hooves(NEED to get done)

Often my plans get made in the last possible second....
Well, my vacation is over..so I guess I will be headed back to work...
...but when I am home..I am hoping to get another baby clipped. I just got 2 new blades from Rob..so will be trying them out!!!
I am fortunate, a very kind, and knowledgable friend is coming over to help me figure out all of these Registration Papers, I have to do Transfer of Ownership Papers on our 5 Mini's, 3 are double registered, and I HATE paperwork... ugh!

Other than that, I hope to be hugging tiny horses!
We did hooves last weekend, and trimmed renegade hairs, so now all there is to do is Love on them!

Have a Great Weekend everyone!

I'm sending two visiting mares home
So I need to get them bathed so their Mama does not see how filthy they got when they were allowed to be proper horses!! Then I'm going to a Car Boot Sale- a huge one, but not as big as Marty's Yard Sale!! I shall wander round there until my mind logs off, then try to work out what I spent my money on
That is if my body will come with me, I'm having a bit of trouble with my legs and back, they do not wish to join in the games. No shows now until the 30th- and that is a HUGE one so I need to keep an eye on the days- I have a mare I think I may need to clip for it, I'm hoping to get away with it.!!
I am sitting out the Hurricane in NorthWest Florida. We are in the direct path and I found out yesterday I will be here at work until Wednesday. (5 days straight) I 'm a civilian firefighter working for the Air Force. The whole base has evacuated and we are heading south at noon to the department about 15 miles from shore. Crestview looks like a ghost town, NO GAS to be found in the entire city and the county is putting in evacuations as we speak. I will try and give updates as long as we have a computer.

On the good note I was given 2 hours to go home and help Kim get things ready we have stalls for all the horses. (21) of them. They will be packed in like sardines but at least will be inside
We have two very active grandchildren visiting us from Texas. They flew by themselves from Dallas to us here in Ontario. We picked them up at the airport yesterday and they are looking forward to two very busy weeks here with their grandparents.
Going to go look at a Fjord horse for me, if the seller contacts me with Directions that is.
Well, lets see, I've just come in from clipping one horse. Now, I have to get ready for an OUTDOOR WEDDING at 4:30 in the freaking afternoon!
I could just kill my husband's cousin!
She's nuts to have a wedding in this heat. Then, if we're still alive and not in the hospital with heat stroke, I'll clip two more horses tomorrow.

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