What would be your ideal size for a outdoor pen/run?

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Dec 8, 2005
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Clatonia, NE
Hi & Happy 4th of July everyone!

Well.... as some of you know I'm building a new place on 20 acres! I'm very excited!! I will finally get my show barn I always wanted!!
But my mom asked me what size of out door pens I wanted. I am considering 36' x 100'. I want them to have pleanty enough room to kick up thier heels and cut loose and run. I will have 8 pens like these with automatic waters and each run has a shelter... Does that sounds like that is enough room or should they be wider? We have to take out a bunch of trees before this gets going. They poored the cement yesterday for my floor in my house. The bull dozzer's coming monday to start on moving the trees!
I'm SO excited! My whole life I've lived in OLD places that really needed to just be pull dozed down.... so I won't know how to act in something new!!!

My barn will be 32' x 66' with 10 stalls and a wash room and bathroom (my mom's idea!).... I think I'm most excited about a bathroom or the wash room for bathing my horses!! I will take pictures when things really start getting in motion.

OH! I have a question... I want a arena right next to my barn.... I plan to start driving my Doc stallion this fall........what is the best size for a arena for driving/working horses?
What you have planned sounds great for miniatures.

As to the arena size, I would recommend a minimum of 90X90 feet. That's what we have here, it is small enough to do some "round pen free lunging" but also big enough to hook a horse and drive. I sort of wish it was longer for driving, I think a 90X150 would be lots better.

Your 39x100 size pens should work well. I have some that are 60 x 120 & love that size, but they are plenty big for 1 or 2 Minis--I have 4 mares in a pen that size & it gives them plenty of room to rip around.

As far as an arena, I'm happy with 60 x 120 for that but 80 or 90 x 150 would be better.
did I send you the video of Phantom(30") driving in my 90x 100 arena? I think I did. It is perfect for him, but for Beau(36") it is a bit too small. The 90 is ok, but wish it was like 150. that would be ideal. I built it with landscape timbers as the posts and then the 4" vinyl/wire stretch fencing. I love it. if a horse runs into it, they literally bounce off, it holds 2400 lbs per 4" strand. so I have no worries when I am driving.

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