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Nov 30, 2002
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What kind do you feed your horses? I am looking into buying some more hay, mainly because of adding the big horse. I wanted to get some pure alfalfa as right now I have pure grass. THinking of mixing it, plus I have a few horses that have been on alfalfa.

The guy I contacted keeps trying to talk me out of it. Says its to stemmy and rich for horses....arrrr I hate it when people dont want to sell something they have forsale.
I feed orchardgrass with timothy mixed in. I really like it, its nice and soft, the horses like it too!

Id mix the alfalfa with grass hay or orchard. Lots of protien and digestable nutrients.
I don't know about the biggies, but we feed our minis grass hay. (I'm very picky about it, I have to see it before I buy it and make sure it's ok- no dust, no 'bad plants', nice and fresh.

I would think that would be alright with a big horse but I don't know.
alfalfa CAN be too rich ect for horses. You have to make sure you get a certain cut at a certain time of season too as some cuts can be super rich and only good for cattle and ruemanents.
I feed grassy hay. Not the REALLY grassy stuff though. Im not really sure what its called. We just call it 2nd cut.
I feed alfalfa to mine. Last years crop was mostly pure alfalfa because of the drought. I usually get 3rd or 4th cutting where it is not as stemmy. My horses will not eat the 1st cutting and the 2nd can be rather stemmy too if not grown right.

My farmer grows an incredible crop of hay, grass, alfalfa mixed and pure alfalfa. I could never move from here as I would not find someone as great as my farmer is. Besides buying it from him, he brings it over and stacks it for me too as he knows I can not do it, and he does not charge me extra either.

Anyway, my horses do really well on the alfalfa, but do not get 1st cutting and make sure that 2nd cutting is not too stemmy.
We've had our horses on alfalfa/timothy mix for many years. It does not come mixed I give a half/half. Luckly the store I work for started pulling timothy out of Idaho where we use to live so I've been able to keep them on the timothy. I love it and so do the horses. If they've not had it before it will take a few days for them to get use to it. I just got a new mare a few weeks ago and she wasn't sure about it at first but now cleans up every piece

The alfalfa is hauled in from California and the timothy is from Standlee Hay in Idaho www.standleehay.com
We grow an alfalfa/grass mix hay, we had it planted specifically for what we prefer to feed. The first crop is a little coarser, as it grows so fast in the spring, but it is mainly grass in the first crop; then the second and third crops are finer-stemmed and have more alfalfa. I really like our hay, and if I were buying hay I'd look for exactly this.
The horses love it and they do very well on it.
We tend to buy locally grown orchard grass. We also grow some of our own hay which is a pasture mix with some orchard and a little alfalfa in it.

When we lived in a different area, the best hay to buy was a timothy/alfalfa mix.