What kind of cart is this???

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Jun 1, 2006
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This is for minis and is in very nice condition - just dusty and needs to be vacuumed out.




The part on the back lifts up and has a storage compartment.

Also, what is it worth?
I'm going to take a guess....is it a Ladies Phaeton? I've seen some like it at a local sulky shop. I'd think minimum of $1,500? OK...just guessing
You don't want that hunk of junk sitting around cluttering up your yard or shed; I'd be happy to come and haul it away for you. No charge.

No fair! I was going to say, I'd take that off your hands!
I'd agree with Connie. Never seen one, but its not a vicory. Where did you find a gem like that???
Went to an Amish auction today...

...I was thinking about putting it on ebay because neither of my minis are broke to drive.

I also bought a very nice leather harness - my Husband is still shaking his head.
Went to an Amish auction today...

...I was thinking about putting it on ebay because neither of my minis are broke to drive.

I also bought a very nice leather harness - my Husband is still shaking his head.
Well, that cute buggy is as good a reason to train your minis to drive as any. Its very nice. I don't know what it is, but I like it.
Four wheeled vehicles generally aren't called 'carts'

This one looks like a basic piano box buggy that has been 'fancied up' somewhat, possibly for use as a 'ladies' ' vehicle. It does look to be in good condition, and the color is one of those considered acceptable!

You might notice that it will have a pretty limited turn radius(see how a front wheel will come in contact with the 'box'--i.e., the body of the buggy--in a turn? ) It makes such a vehicle limited in safe maneuverability---probably fine for parades and such, but you'd want to be careful to make only fairly gradual turns. It probably wouldn't really be considered a 'fine harness' vehicle, but more of a country 'Sunday go-to-meeting' vehicle, IMO.

Phaeton's are always cutunders which of course is difficult to do with a Mini vehicle. That is styled like a gentleman's carriage. It will have a limited turn radius and could be very easy to tip over. If you have not a great deal of experience driving I would suggest this is not a good beginner's vehicle. I have seen one, that I suspect was made by the same person, go for $2400 Cdn. at auction.
I have lots of experience driving draft horse - but none with minis.

Since we have purchased an old farm house that we are completely gutting out - I will not have time to do any driving training with the minis this year.

This buggy was just too cute to pass up!

So if I list it on ebay what do I call it and how much should I start the bidding at? Obviously at least what I paid for it, but what would be a fair starting bid?

If it doesn't sell I have no problem storing it, but just thought maybe someone could USE it instead of it just sitting here.
Shipping it would be ridiculous on ebay. Maybe they would do local pickup only. I think its way cute and would take it from you if you were closer! I would definately train my minis to drive if I were you! Why pass up a cute cart like that???
I have talked to a couple of horse transporters that said they could ship reasonably with one of their runs.

I currently have my Quarter Horse in driving training and my Daughter's Paint is going to begin saddle training next month. I also just picked up another harness horse to jog at the track (that makes four) - that and the house renovation (Hubby said if I don't hurry and pick out the siding then he will :DOH!) is keeping me so busy that the minis will probably remain "pets' for a while longer.
My friend said it looks like a Sunday Buggy. She's not sure on specifics though. Way neat buggy though!

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