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rockin r

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Jun 16, 2005
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They love a variety of things, But I would have to say that the sugared orange slices are their absolute favorite!!! You have never heard soooo much whineying and nickering in your life, as when I open up a bag of them!!! Although... I do have a QH mare that would end your life over a pepsi...
Mine always like their French fries when I took them to McDonald's while riding in the back seat of my car..
[SIZE=14pt]Roys favourite is a Tim Hortons apple fridder adn 7-up!!(not to much though!!) Such a spoiled boy!![/SIZE]
Carrots...they love them!! We buy them in 10 lb bags from Cosco! Mary
Oh... I'm kind of stingy so they don't get a lot of people food, but some of the things they really like are:

Tortilla chips


Pepermint candies

Carrots & Apples (of course)


AND, Erica tells me that "my" sweet gelding, Sunny (Tibbs Sundowner) loves to drink Sunny-D out of sports bottles! I will be letting him have some of that but I hope they make it in diet!
Definately butterscotch candies, they will trample anything in there path if they hear a candy wrapper!! Great for baiting them in halter classes too!! Bud also loves fries and cotton candy at the fairs!!
[SIZE=14pt]Ya Roy has a way of making MY food disapear!!He is lucky he is so cute......[/SIZE]
Mine will try just about anything, but I try to limit the people food to just a little now and then.

Gramma Pony is fond of stale apple fritters. My first stallion was a nut for peppermints or just about any kind of hard candy, and his descendants, including Mouse, enjoy them as well.


Liz M.
Halls cough drops, watermelon, my big horse used to steal cokes over peoples shoulders, up end the cans and drink it down. He also loved grapes, would roll them around in his mouth with his eyes closed than crunch them in his teeth and I swear smile!
The usual treats are the old standbys - carrots, celery and lettuce. But my horse Shadow LOVES icecream cones - cone and all! I have not experimented yet with the rest of the gang - as far as "people food" goes...

By the rest of the gang - I am refurring to the mini's...
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Spoon size shredded wheat - the honey nut kind please.

When Kitten first got here I couldn't get her to try anything. She's finally decided about anything Mom hands her is gonna be good.
My QH/Arab mare once untied herself in the arena when we were outside helping with something and ate my sandwich (meat and all) that was sitting in a paper bag on a chair!

I haven't taken home my mini gelding yet but I am told he LOVES the senior horse feed the oldies at their farm get and will do anything for a few crumbs!
Magic Mist True Copy's Freebird...

LOVES.. Dr Pepper

2nd favorites... chips, Froot loops, Ice cream cones ( just the cones) Cotton candy, Carmel Apples, Pop corn,

REALLY ANY FOOD THAT I'M EATTING..... He's Mom's baby...

Rockin R, Beer is an okay treat for horses and many like it. ( After all, beer is mostly grain... just kinda old and fermented.
) Too much will screw up their innards just like us though, so it's good to limit it.

We have also used Shlitz Malt Liquor to help out our non-sweating horses, this of course was before SWEAT and 1-AC came along though.

My favorite big mare (Shush!!! Do Not tell the others!) will absolutly eat anything. Really. It's almost dangerous as she is a school horse, the lesson kids come up with the darndest things to give her... I had one kid feed her an entire pack of Oreo's (the small 6 pack) before I caught her at it!

My other two big guys are really into grapes also. We have wild ones all over our farm, and I can tell when they turn ripe, as my kids are tangled in the vines trying to get the darn grapes...

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