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Jan 2, 2003
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This first picture is just about what "Ridgehavens White Cloud" now lovingly called Willy. looked like when I got him about a year ago. Believe it or not he is a beautiful Ivory Champagne stallion. His personality was just the same as he looked, he was frightened of everything. This a stallion I paid good money for. My time is not my own and I just didn't have the time, but mostly didn't have the expertise to turn him into what I was really looking for. Enter Connie Ballard. She has another stallion of mine that she is training to drive and is showing him this year. I asked her if she could condition Willy for me. Well, she more than conditioned him, she trained him and SHOWED him. He LIKED it. He's home now with a couple of girls of his own and is a very friendly, happy and well adjusted boy. All I can sya is, Connie's a miracle worker

Here's his pictures that were on his papers when I got him..


And Here is Willy today!! God love him RIDGEHAVENS WHITE CLOUD



Ginny StP
All one has to do is look at Willy's eye(s) and see the difference.

He knows who he is now.

BRAVO to you and Connie
He is looking great!

Connie, could you clone yourself and come live in Iowa and work your magic here too ?
It would be so neat to live close by a person like you.

P.S. Is this boy related to Sandy M's champagne (on forum) stallion named Cocoa?
Holy *#^@!
i can't beleave he came to you like that, did you resuce(sp) him? Wow he looks amazing now! shoking want love can do!!! your so lucky & i bet hes so happy!
hes great!
He looks so good!

Connie is incredible(gotta give Tim props too)!
He is beautiful and yes, boy you sure can see the light shining in his eyes now! What a great story!
He is gorgeous!! Congratulations on a job well done! Isn't it amazing what a little TLC will do? I love the 'rags to riches' storys!
Wow, he is gorgeous and bless you and Connie for making him into the beautiful animal he is today! He looks happy.
No way!
Can't be the same horse! My dear Lord, that first pic of his face looks so sad and then "tada" him in show pose is breath taking! You can tell he was born to be beautiful and proud. Kudos to you Ginny for seeing the gold in that silver lining. He's amazing. Sure wish we were closer...wouldn't he and Treasure make a pretty baby!?
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He's beautiful enough to pull cinderellas carriage. You have a wonderful eye, to spot this "DIAMOND" in the rough.
wow that is amazing!!! Isnt Connie the best?? The only good thing about moving to ohio is i get to be closer to connie, getitia and you!!! This guy is just stunning
WOW. My jaw dropped when I saw him now! My goodness has he had alot of work put into him! You are so lucky to own him!! can't wait to see his foals!
AHHHHH...that boy! He was here 6 months and gotta admit...I had a hard time "letting" him go home!!!! LOL...got kind of attached...he came so far...had a really slow start...but really blossomed into a young gentleman by July when Ginny picked him up at Julep Cup. There are some incredible Liberty pics of him that hope to purchase and share soon as the photographer can get her equipment working and post them to her site....cant wait. Here are couple of my favorites of Ginnys boy. She really did see a diamond in the ruff. I called him my "wild child"...he'd mow you down (and did...I bit the dust in the arena twice)...he had "fear factor" stamped on his forehead....man...he was afraid of life itself. I found him challenging...but soooooooo rewarding too. I'd sure like to train him to drive one day too...he can move and has the engine to do so!
His Ivory Champagne color was so beautiful too!