What do I need to do before buying a donkey?

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Feb 19, 2004
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I found a place about 2-3 miles from my house that's selling a miniature donkey, I think they also sell horses. Well there's a sign on the barn that says, "Mni Donkey for Sale". It didn't give a price or anything. So I'm going ask about it later, but first, just in case I got intrested in buying, I need to know some more about the following:

Price - What's a good price for a mini donkey? I've seen them for $300 and $2000!

Vet checkup - Do you have a vet inspect the animal before you buy?

Papers - If the animal is registered, what paperwork is involved?

If the animal ISN'T registered, then what happens?

Boarding - How much would I usally have to pay for bording, if I did the grooming and cleaning out the stall, and they did everything else?

I might add more later.
Post when you can, because if I do buy him, it might have to be this week.

Thank you!


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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin
As far a price goes it depends on the sex of the animal or if breeding quality etc... Weanling jacks are mostly cheaper to buy tthen the Jennys...Also color has something to do with price also...Spotted ones are really "IN" right now so the price is somewhat higher..Also the plain dark ones almost black are somewhat higher... But a standard colored one Gray/Dun is cheaper... Now you asked about papers...Well both registries are "open" so IMO papers unless you are going to show or breed doesn't really matter that much... I am going to get papers on mine even though he is not registered...No papers no date of birth, no record what so ever,,,It does not matter I can get him papered just as if he was out of registiered parents....Like I said the registry is open ...There is even a place to check if birth date ios not known or parents are not known does not matter....There is temp papers for donks similar to mini horses...At 2 yrs you remeasure and send in for permanent ones...Fees are real reasonable also 22 for nonmembers to register or 10 non members temp to perm...or 10 to transfer....I like those prices lol...Now this is the IMDR.....The MDR might have different fees but still very reasonable....

As far as health check up, I will leave that to you both fo the donks I have gotten were not vet checked but were up on all shots, trimming, deworming etc...

One I bought from a reliable breeder and took his word on the little guys health, The one I just got after seeing lots of pics and doing lots od E Mailing I bought also without a vet check....But like I said this new one had all shots including WN, dewormed, and trimmed a week before they brought him...

So as far as price goes a "Pet Quality" one should be between 250 and 500 depending on sex, color, and age..

Now as far as boarding i would think the same thing would be charged as for a mini horse as far as price goes....You just have to ask questions on that part where ever you may want to board one...

Hope this helps some anymore questions feel free to PM or E mail me.....

Good luck on your new donk if you do decide to "Go For It" lol

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