What color is she??

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Jun 18, 2005
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Okay, here is a link with pictures of my mare, ARC Rowena, whom I call a blonde dun. I know this is not an actual color but if you see pictures of her you'll know why I call her this!!


Her sire looked a lot like her only slightly darker and her dam was a red roan (not true but was a chestnut with white and yellow hairs mixed in)

If anyone could tell me what color she is that would be great!! She IS a dun I know that. She has a slightly darker head and lower legs along with a dorsel stripe (covered by lacing??) and zebra barring on legs.

I'm not all upto date on the different terms for the varying shades of dun, but I would say she is a light red dun. Although, I do like your term: blonde dun.

Before I saw the picture, from your description I thought she might be a dunalino (dun on palomino), but she doesn't have a white mane and tail, nor does she seem to have quite the right body color.

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