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Dec 22, 2004
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Windham, Maine
Not sure the best way to ask this politely. When Buying mares or stallions for breeding what quality would you expect to get for a given amount.

Mares or Stallions at say $2500, $5000, or $10000

Seems so far the stallions and few mares that I would like to add have been in the $10,000 and up catagory.

Just looking for some opinions and haven't seen much on this subject.

Wow your standards must be extremly high. In this area I can think of several animals for sale that would show well in time at the national level. They are sound have good dispostions and well trained for much less than the $10,000.oo dollar level. Not knowing what you have for animals or goals are its hard for me to say but at those prices most breeders will sit you in a recliner and lead the horses past you in their living room. Proven brood mares and stallions that have competed at the national level or have sired offspring that are competing at that level, sell routinely at or near the $5000 dollar mark. If you want the name of a top breeder who I believe can help you just PM me.
well first off good for you for having HIGH standards that is what breeding should be about. I to seem to have champagne tastes but if you look and put the word out there with what you want to the right farms (lots of times the ones with the really nice drooling over expensive horses) they will let you know if they come into a deal. I got my double destiny son cause a client had to sell quickly so a big farm had him for sale he was a GREAT deal.. i got my BTU son the same way

so good deals for high quality stallions and mares are out there just gotta look.

I find it a bit ironic really that in this breed people think it is the norm to be able to pay 1000 bucks for a stallion and the same for a mare and yet end up with foals for 2500 ect. It can happen but sure isnt common
Not buying but if I were I would not expect to pay much more for my broodmares than what I am selling mine for. We had three retired champion show mares (AMHA shows) for sell with very correct conformation. All have produced several show & breeding quality foals. Bloodlines are Komoko Little King Supreme & Buckeroo... Sold two of the mares confirmed in foal to our palomino Buck Echo son priced at $2500 each...... Raised the price on the third mare who is the youngest to $3800 though because I want a foal next year............. If you look enough you will find nice & correct horses for less than what you stated. Lots of people are getting out of the mini's or reducing for one reason or the other. Buyers market for those that do their homework............. For breeders like Lee & I who have reduced our herd, we don't need a stallion so we will be finding a home for our Omega. BUT an excellent home is going to be priority over $$$'s. I'm betting there are other small breeders out there like us who have a nice stallion that has proven himself by producing nice foals but just don't need a stud any more.
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I agree with the above posts. Do some homework and shop around. There are wonderful children and grandchildren of champion winning horses out there for far less than $10,000. Sometimes it's the smaller breeding ranches are good places to check out....They will have the bloodlines and quality, but haven't put a lot of money into marketing.

Pricing varies based on what you're expecting to accomplish with a horse or what it's existing track record is. Horse's that have established show or breeding records would have command a higher price. If I was looking at show prospect horses and wanted to go to the Nationals and be competitive I would probably be looking at the higher end that you mentioned and the trainer, etc.

Having said that, there are wonderful great buys out there of high quality horses - but it's like going to a discount store to find the perfect suit versus hitting Nordstroms or Macys (with the expensive selection, custom tailoring, expensive ads and wonderful presentation) - you'll find it if you're willing to put in the time to search, contact lots of ranches, network, look at lots of horses, really educate your eye on horses that aren't professionally groomed or professionally fitted and be able to recognize the quality when you see it - you'll find the perfect mini or two.

Also don't be afraid to ask a ranch what they're bottom price is if you see something you'll like. Heading into Fall alot of prices get softer and many ranches list and in person price are grossly different! Another idea, if you see a horse that you're willing to promote (show heavily, advertise, etc - don't lie and be prepared to put this in a written contract!), often a ranch will be flexible on pricing as the PR helps with their overall plan, so don't be afraid to discuss these option with breeders as well.

Hi Mark; I can tell you for a fact that there are several good quality stallions and

mares in the New England area that are reasonable and would do quite well for

you. I live in New Hampshire and I have horses that compete at nationals and do

ok, and I didn't break the bank to get them! I have our first foal crop due next

year. Seriously, there are some really good [and some really bad] horses to be

had in this area. PM me . Linda B
Oh goodness. Sure the $10,000 ones are drop dead gorgeous.The farms have $1000's invested in the farm and their stock and advrtising and showing. In the NE there are SO many wonderful mares/stallions available for much less and that will do wonderfully. Don't exclude the less expensive they may very well be your diamond in the dirt!
i never go by price in looking for a horse. I have gotten some extremely good deals on some by being in the right place at the right time but i have also paid top dollar for others. I dont regret any of them.

I strictly go by whats in front of me and what i think that horse can do wether it be breeding or showing and where that fits into my goals.

Just be sure though and dont fall into the trap of buying a horse because the farm says that horse will make you famous and earn you thousands of dollars back in the first couple years. (usually this pertains to stallions and they tell you you will get rich off stud fees) Because that just isnt going to happen. You can buy a 50,000.00 stallion but if something happened and you had to sell it --- you probably couldnt get near that because you and your farm isnt as known etc. Also you cant get near the stud fee a more well known farm can until you build a reputation which normally takes years. I dont know if your new to miniatures but i have seen this happen to alot of new buyers.
[SIZE=14pt]For 10.000 it better already hold a few national titles! I have purchased a beautiful 10 year old mare that already has HOF in halter and pleasure driving as well as some national res champion titles for 5500. I had a gelding that I showed to ntional top tens in Futurity and open and 2 PMC championships that I paid 1000 for and I bouyt another top stallion that got his HOF in 6 shows for 2500. They are out there and they can be found. I had a mentor find me these horses .... I told him what I wanted and he found them and said "send the money" I have never gone wrong with that. Check out all the farms in your area in the Lilbeginnings breeders connect and she what is there.[/SIZE]

Bruce Abbott has found me some of the best!

I'm not going to go into what I've paid for most of my horses, but if you know the right people and know what you want, you can really get a lot for your money. There is also the real possibility of paying a ton of money and ending up with a mediocre horse... There are plenty of sellers who truly thing and believe in their heads and hearts that their horses are worth 10x what they actually are, and if you can't tell the difference and they can't tell the difference............
wow --- what a question!

For me... I find THE HORSE
.. then consider the asking price. If I can afford it.. and if I want that horse that badly.. I will pay pretty close to the asking price in most cases.. I will do terms if they will allow it.. and carry insurance as required.

so... not sure how to answer your question except.. I know it when I see it.. and thats that!


Thanks for some input.

I should have phrased the question a little different and also stated the over $10,000 were out of the budget!!

We are looking to expand the herd and are looking to get as good as possible as far as conformation and to lesser extent pedigree. So far seems like the sellect few I really like (in person or online) also seem to be the top $..

A part of what I was asking was say at $2500 you expect a proven mare that may have only a couple minor faults . Or say at $5000 she had better have been national top 10 or have foals that have made it.

Thanks for input


Yes, there are some great deals out there and there are some that are not!

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