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Kim Rule

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Dec 9, 2002
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Maybe I'm jumping the gun...so Lisa is coming over tomorrow, and we're going to look at Cinnamon to see if she is really ready, or I'm just getting over anxious.

What are the differences between a horse and a donkey when they are ready to foal?? There are differences in how donkeys are shaped when compared to horses, so what should I look for?

I'm looking at:

1) the color of the milk, the ph and hardness levels.

2)her bag...which is there, and firmer than it was, but she doesn't look like a milk cow...and her nipples are long. Milk readily comes out...

3)her rump...instead of a nice flat topline that most donkeys have, her butt is now kind of sloping, and she often holds her tail away from her rump just a little.

4) She occasionally has diarrhea...

5) She's a bit grumpy, and needy...wanting loves...

Kim R.
KIm, it sounds like your jenny is about ready to foal! Do you have other donkeys? They are great tattletails and will let you know as soon as the bag breaks! If she is your only jenny, I'd say just to keep an eye on her. They are very stoic and don't show pain/discomfort like a mare will. Ours just slowly walked the perimeter of her corral until she laid down to foal. Boy, get ready for one CUTE baby!!! The ears are wonderful! Good luck!

Lisa just came by, and she said that if she were a horse, she'd have a few more weeks to go. Her bag isn't big enough, even though she has milk, and the milk may not be as white as it should be. Does the jennet's belly drop as low as a horse's? I may keep her in at night, just in case.

Kim R.
Kim, our jenny's tummy did not drop like our mares' do and her udder didn't get as big as most, either. I'd say the non-stop walking was our best cue. She didn't bite at her sides nor did she lift up her back legs as though in pain, either...they can really endure pain w/o showing it!!! They really enjoy the backrubs now!!!

Well again i have not seen heavy in foal donkeys she has no bag at all and vulva wasnt relaxed at all . I would think she is (if she was a horse) to wide and foal not dropped into position her milk isnt testing either but... all of that said.. keep her alone at nite and keep an eye on her one thing i know is you just never know

No baby yet? Darn, don't you just go crazy waiting?

I'm thinking of you...


no, no baby yet!!! She is so crowded inside that her diaphram can't help her do her big heehawwww!!! Poor thing!

Lisa, Yes, I'm still keeping her close to the house at night. Who knows, maybe someday I'll look, and she'll surprise me with a baby!!!

Kim R.
This is only my opinion by watching my uncles donkeys. They do not "drop" like a horse does. They dont even carry there foals anything like horses do in my opinion.

THey get huge bags, like a cow is the best I describ it.

They are also 12-13 month with 12 being the norm animals.

When is she actually due?
no, no baby yet!!! She is so crowded inside that her diaphram can't help her do her big heehawwww!!! Poor thing!

Kim R.

Kim, I keep checking to see if you have "news"! That's pretty sad when she can't even complain like she'd like to do!! LOL! I know, our jenny was the oddest shape, not like a mare!

Well, hang in there!


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