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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
We have a possible sale for a horse. The lady says she wants him, but she hasn't sent the $$$ yet--her method of payment keeps changing, as do her shipping plans. At one point she was all set to come & pick him up, but then that didn't work out for her (trailer problems).

She's now decided she will have him shipped on a cattle liner trailer, with another livestock species (not cattle!) I know others who have shipped this way. I was never keen on the idea, but thought maybe it would work. That's when I thought it was a 24 hour trip, and that the horses were kept separate from the other livestock.

I just learned today that it is more like a 39 hour trip, the horse(s) on the load are not kept separate from the other animals. and they are not unloaded during the trip--nor do they have feed or water for those 39 hours. The rig must stop for a certain number of hours, as it should be only a 24 hour drive if there are two drivers and they go non stop--this must be a single driver, which means he must have a 12 hour break.

We have decided we simply cannot send a horse on a 40 hour trip without feed or water, and especially not in this hot weather...there's also the problem of his arrival there. I have this feeling that the buyer would not be prompt at picking him up. He could very easily spend another 8-10 hours tied to a post at the stock yards after he gets there--whether or not he'd get fed & watered at that time would depend on the driver, if he chose to bother or not.

I'm going to have to contact the buyer tomorrow & tell her to not send the money at all unless she can arrange other shipping. Would you all do the same, or are we being too fussy?
I would do the same as you. I would not find that type of shipping arrangement suitable.

I would not expect my horses to go for more than four hours w/out a stop and offer them food and water, etc. I try to unload them and let them walk around and maybe graze or drink every four hours or so.

I just would not feel comfortable sening one of my horses out knowing they were going into such a stressful and potentially deadly trip.

Hope she can arrange something else. If not, then she doesn't understand horses and you are ahead of the game in not selling to her!

Liz M.
No you aren't being too fussy at all my goodness. You are just being the kind of horse owner that I know you are.

But come to think of it, I wonder what kind of owner this lady will be if she would settle for that kind of transport arrangement? Makes me wonder about her. Maybe she doesn't realize the stress and health risks of any transport. I think you two should talk further about the whole thing.
Run, do not walk, away from this shipper and this buyer. The whole deal sounds BAD. I do not think this is the kind of owner you or any of us would want for one of our babies. JMO

Ginny StP
My contract states "safe, suitable accaeptable transport. I'd cancel also.
I would at least do what you are planning and might decide not to sell to her period. She either doesn't understand how to take care of a horse (if she thinks that kind of shipping for so long is alright) or she doesn't care enough.
I would not ship that way either.

NO WAY would I ever let one of mine travel like that. To me it is a red flag

What kind of living arrangements does she have at her place for your horse when it arrives ? Seriously I would re-consider selling to her at all. JMO.
I too have to agree with everyone else and the shipping issue may be only the tip of the iceberg. There are no certainties that this person wouldn't be a good owner once the horse arrived but the decision to use this type of transport under those circumstances does not make the buyer sound like the type I'd be comfortable purchasing any of my horses either.
NO NO NO NO NO I dont care how much they were paying for a horse I would not do it either. IF they want the horse bad enough they will come up with an alternative method.

Maybe they just need to be educated, tell them in a polite manner that this way is just not suitable for a horse to travel. They could get very sick with, colic, ulcers, respiratory problems and anything else floating around the trailer. Just ask them if they would ever consider putting a horse in a stall with no food or water for 40 hours let alone a trailer filled with who knows what kind of manure and urine.

Stand your ground on this one, we are behind you 100%
I would say no just to the part about the horses not being kept separate-- holy cow! The rest of it is unbelievable, that people would transport horses that way with no feed and water??? And for THAT long?
I would DEFINATELY NOT be shipping with that mode of transportation! In fact, many people around here will often use those 2 oe 3 tier cattle transports with all the holes up the walls, and I refuse to have one of my horses travel in there. I do have a clause in my sales contract now that says I can and will refuse to load a horse onto a trailer that I deem to be unfit or unsafe, and in my opinion, one of those in my opinion, would fall in the unsafe category. Yes, I would rather lose a sale, than a horses life!
This is a "no-brainer". NO NO NO... because the horse will be extremely sick, if not dead, when it gets there, and the buyer will blame you, because that's what stupid people do.
geez I don't think many of the livestock ie sheep cattle people I know would find that acceptable.......especially in hot weather....definite NONONO and I would totally back out of the deal if it were me.
I'm glad that I'm not alone on being fussy about how one of our horses gets hauled. I know that locally there are those that think I'm nuts.

A few days back when I mentioned this to a person who has big horses, she said "well at least a mini is small, the ceiling height isn't an issue, so it's not too bad" She then went on to tell me about someone who sent 4 big horse mares this way, got them hauled for a total of $1000 as opposed to paying $800 each to an actual horse transport company. Then there was another person who sold a big gelding (warmblood breed) & when he arrived down east he was in such poor shape that the buyer refused him. So, he had to stay on the truck & make the return trip. He was 4 days without feed or water, plus his withers were all skinned up from the low ceiling
Color me unimpressed with that story. I've heard stories of big horses having a foot go through one of the holes in the wall, and it gets cut off...a Mini foot would go through so much easier. I know a number of Minis that have been shipped this way & they were "just fine" but that doesn't mean that the next one or the one after that will be just fine-and definitely we don't want the first/next one that isn't 'just fine' on arrival to be one of ours.
Absolutely NOT! Listen to your gut instinct, as its telling you NOT. Shipping any animal for that long without water or feed is just plain cruel to me. And during the hottest part of the year makes it that much worse.
[SIZE=14pt]No way Jose!!!!!![/SIZE]

No way, I would NEVER EVER do that, I feel bad enough if im a few hours late to the barn, but 40! I would be wondering what conditions she has her own horses in if she's willing to do that. i dont think youre crazy at all.
If it were me, she would be kissin my horse goodbye. I would never let one of my horses in a sitaution like that... ever

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