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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
We have decided to tear down all out separate barns and build 1 big barn. Basically my dad and i have gotten sick and tired of my sister foundering our horses every week. She is a 'cow' person and doesnt understand that we are not trying to 'fatten up' out horses like she does her cows. So we are building a stable. We took some Measurements today and here is what we have to work with.

We need 6 stalls ...3 more mini's and 3 big horse stalls. Here is what we were thinking.

3 horse stalls on one side

3 mini stalls on the oposite side

1 wash room w/ running water.

1 tack/food room

So we need some idea's on stale size, barn plans ext. Also we want to get some of those stalls that are already put together. 3 mini, 3 regular. Maybe 12' by 12 or 14' 14. Mini stalls dont have the be huge so do they make them in mini already? Basically we wanna get some plans and then get the permit.

So can someone show me pics of there barns/stalls and give me some size's maybe. we dont want anything to fancy, just a regular stable w/ a turm out area in the front. So pics please ..we wanna start before winter.
I built a large stall when I hsd big horses and it's 10'x10'. It's a good size for them, now I use that for my 2 yearling minis and they go into it together. I also built a 7'x7' stall for the Trisket (the mini we got from Florida). She's bigger than my other 2. They are only 28 3/4" and 29 3/4", Trisket is 35". The stall seems to be a good size for her or my other ones. I hope that helps. I wouldn't go any samller than my smallest stall for the minis. You could always make them the same size as the big stalls so you can divide them if you get more or if you get more big horses you'll allready have the stalls the correct size.

I was at TSC today and we were talking to this guy, he said they have a 9' by 9'. which would go nicely with a mini. They also had a 12' by 12' that we are planning on getting 3 of for the big horses (arabian and small quarter horse) and then were getting a big 15' by 15' for our 16.3hh paint (he's my barrell horse). We are going to go back tommarow are get all the stalls ordered. My dad and Bro are getting together to draw out plans now that they know the stall sizes and how much room we have left and how to get water down there.
were just trying to rush this so we have very much done before winter comes.

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