We're at the fair, Buddy's a BRAT!

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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
We'll be fine, home for a shower but staying there with him at the fair in my camper. It's hot again, and i get sick from it. They won't let us run the A/C
Elec trouble I guess.

Buddy has been an absolute brat, acting out, restless, won't stand still, even go out at night to turn him loose at liberty to get out of the stall, sometimes he's ok, but I'm pretty upset with him, probablt a combination of that and the heat, I'm ready to sell him!

EVRYONE comes but to tell us how beautiful he is, and he did well enough in Fit and SHow, at least he behaved and did the pattern judge wanted, (did not stand still at the line up though.)

Horses we were against were beautiful! Nice people too who all did their best to help Meghan get ready with advice..and we sincerely appreciated that as I can't do much of ANYTHING to help. My stupid body ugh!

SO there I was in wheelchair or balanced on cane ..it's been very stressful for her to handle him, and she is SO special that girl! Never gets mad at him or jerks on him or anything, always forgives him like when he bit her in the back while she was bent over putting on hoof black. Truth is she should have waited for someone who could hold him. And I wasn't there or guess what, he would have paid for that!

She got a blue "A" ribbon, which is good as there are also red, and white ribbons..but she was 5th last in her class,(last) against a Canadian Champion and some WONDERFUL minis so I wasn't upset but of course she was.

I now feel like the girl that sold him to us completely duped us and that's why we can't get ahold of her..if she keep showing him he will require a trainer and it's about 100 a month for two visits!

He never kicks or anything just SO bratty! Well I have to get back, 5 more days of this, three classes to show. Trail, pattern , costume..I feel he'll do better with a "job" something to do and will do well in trail. I hope so for her. Sorry so long, by the way he might have been bratty but he sure looked good doing it
Oh that is too bad!

Naughty boy!

Isn't there anyone nearby with more experience who could help you? Not a professional trainer, because that is costly, but just a friendly fellow mini person??

Seems like he needs to be reminded of who is the BOSS!!!!!!!
Now, now, now, now, now, Maxine, get a grip. It's going to be ok. Just settle down.

I am wondering if this is Buddy's first show.

Even if it's not, horses are horses and they all are not going to be perfect every time out. Even the most well trained older seasoned horses will make huge bloopers many times embarrassing to us. So what? The naughty little buggar is feeling his oats. Ok. The show goes on.

Now a couple things you need to realize here. Buddy is there in the hands with this very inexperienced little girl who has had no formal training and if I am not mistaken, Buddy has not been handled by a trainer either. If he has, he needs a tune up. If you really want to continue, with the showing in the future, I would suggest that you put them both in the hands of a trainer for a good course at basic ground handleing. I am sure you have done a good job, but sometimes, it really does pay off to bring in a pro for things that maybe you cannot see. As far as cost goes, there has got to be someone qualified that will come on over to you for a very reasonble price that you can deal with.

Now as for the biting and acting out, sometimes even the most gentle horses are nervous wrecks when taken to new surroundings. All those horses! All those people! He may have bitten out of a bad case of nerves. A nervous bite. Some horses get mouthy when all nerved up. I think that he is acting out due to nerves. Let us not forget that we humans go to shows with total butterfields in our stomaches, but we have people to calm us down and we know that there is no Boogie Man that is going to eat us alive in this new, strange place. Buddy has no way of knowing that. As far as he knows, he's going to act out to try to tell you that he is not comfortable with what is going on. He just does not know any better. The more shows you get him out to, the better he'll get. It just takes time. You can't expect perfection on your first time out, or ever for that matter.

Now then, since you have more days to go, I am willing to bet that now once the ice is broken, he will simmer down somewhat and improve more and more. I worry that the little girl is so scared, that she is transmitting her fears to him, and he is getting more nervous by her vibes. Try to keep her calm and cool. She needs to be the one to correct him.

It would also help a lot if you can enlist the aid of someone there that is good, to have them bring Buddy in a class for you. And then maybe someone can be working with this little girl and Buddy "on the side" when they have time.

If you strike up a friendship with anyone, don't be afriad to ask if they know anyone that can maybe give Buddy and the little gal a crash course, right there with some tips.

All in all, I understand the darn heat is getting to everyone. Boy I know that one well. Heat + nerves + shows = poop.

But come on, tomorrow's a new day! Buddy will settle down some. Cheer up, let the good times roll, and just whatever happens, happens. No one will think anything of it. We have all been there more times that we'd like to remember.

It's going to be ok. Trust me!
Hi Maxine - has Buddy ever been to a show before? If not, I don't think his behaviour is unusual. Keep us posted how it's going.
Oh Maxine, I feel awful for you. I know how frustrating it is to be physically limited and unable to do what we did once. You did make me smile though saying if you had seen him hurt her you'd have "taken care of him". I would have also. Amazing what a bit of temper and adreneline can help us do. Hope today is better for you all.

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