Well, I done hurt myself..

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Sep 10, 2003
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Now in Virginia
I was riding everyday.. until 2 days ago.

When I tripped over my two own feet and pulled or tore something in my right leg. So now I can't ride, can't do anything. Which really blows because we will not have that many good weather days left. Sigh ~ ~ Have no idea how long it will take me to heal...but it is driving me silly. Am already a bloomin gimp, don't need to add anything else to this!!

Also should of taken the offered pain meds... ah well... To top that off....Can't find a Tri Care Prime PCM Doc for my area either, to find out how bad my leg is.

Hence my reason being on the computer so much. Granted I am supposed to not use that leg....

Makes me wish I could afford a cart for my Fjord mare. At least I would be able to get out and do something. Though I don't think driving in a cart would be considered a good thing either at this point. humm....

Mini cart is a bit small at this point.

Sigh ~ ~ ~

Hope no one else is as accident prone as I seem to be.
I hope your leg feels better really soon. That would be a major bummer to not be able to get out and do things with your horses.
Well, I done hurt myself

NO Shari! It's "welllllllllllll I dun hut mysef"


Rest your leg, just rest it! Have a nice cup of hot tea and try to relax and it will get better if you don't strain it !
Aw Shari! I'm so sorry. What a bloomin' pain. Hope you feel better soon.

I work at a physician referral line, try giving us a call! LOL. We can see if any of the local hospitals have a doc who accepts TriCare.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

Am doing OK Susanne, Thank you for the sweet offer...... Christopher is homeschooled so have help, at least with the home/farm stuff.

Just need to stop fidgeting.... this having to just lay there all the time is driving me silly.

Leia, thank you for the offer. Have been on the phone with Tri care most of the morning. The Biggest problem, is I have the "Prime" program, and you can only use their PCM's. The only one in the area is moving out of state at the end of the month. There is no one in Longview/Kelso WA area, which is closest. I was just told about a PCM Doc in Veronia. However, that is a pretty long drive.. and in winter I would not want to try it. Sigh ~ ~

This is one the drawbacks of living this far out I guess.
Must be the week for it Shari, I wrecked my shoulder throwing 80 lb bales down from the loft. One handed typing is the pits.

Ice and continuous ibuprofen really helps though

Hope you're back in the saddle soon
OUCH!!!! I'm sorry you hurt yourself! Take care, rest and you be better soon.

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