WELL Guess I should share the news.........!!

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Image has been looking around on the net for a pony weaning buddy. He needs some one bigger then the minis, but not a horse - dont have the money for another really big guy.

Ernie and Rodeo will be seperated from Immy and Molly with in a month, with all the playing he likes to do they could get hurt as he gets bigger, he is never mean, but these things can happen of corse, once he gets bigger he could hurt them playing.

So he has been looking for a buddy to play with, and then some one to use for a weaning buddy. Well..... we found him! Set a hold on him today and he will be here mid August





Whattcha think? 5-6 year old approx 11 hand pony gelding. Perfect size buddy for a growing colt if all works out well. He is also the project pony I have been looking for, he will be trained to ride and drive, I will look funny on him but he isnt to small for me to ride and teach. Owner and I both think he is 50% haflinger maybe some shetland too. He is a sweety and has the personality our very missed little Lizzy did.

Image just had to share, he is excited to get a play mate who is more his size!
I continue to be impressed with your maturity and farsightedness. I wondered about the issues you addressed here but did not inquire and now look...here you have perfectly found perfect solutions! Congratulations on a very cute fellow. I have to say I would be very proud if you were my daughter.
Your parents should be very proud of the young woman you are.
Glad it all worked out for you!!
Bet you can't wait to get him home!

He's a cutie!
I think he's a doll baby!!! He looks to be kind and gentle! Good luck with your project pony and let us know how everything goes!
Congradulations Nicole! I agree with Dimimore - you are sure the young lady and continue to impress me as well as others I am sure. Have fun with your new boy!
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Congrats Nicole, he sounds perfect. Can't wait to see pics with you on him, you are pretty tall (but so skinny)....I think you'll look good together! So happy for you and Image.
Congrats Nicole!! I am sure Image will LOVE him! Someone he can "rough house with"... I guess its a boy thing

Good luck with him!!

Congrats on the new addition! I'm sure Image will be very happy to have a playmate his own size
I like him
He looks like a sweetie.
Nicole, I wish you would let your mother read some of your posts and the responses you get.

I too am very impressed with your maturity in how you handle horsey business and your foresight to see potential problems and solve them before they become a problem.

You go girl!
Hey there....

GREAT choice! Nice looking pony and a good fit for Image... he will make a super project pony, but I gotta tell ya... I can't WAIT until Image is old enough to start his "Hunter Under Saddle" career... BIG hip, long neck, far reaching shoulder and he should have movement to burn....

Even though I haven't always responded to all the posts with photos of him, I have been watching him grow.. he is a super colt, Nicole..... and I agree with all of the posts, you are a dedicated young horse owner who I feel has a great future ahead of you......!

Suzy Hooper

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That is the sweetest looking horse and sure glad a horsey angel lead you to him. As usual, I'm so very proud of your maturity, horse sense and business sense. Can you tell us, do your parents read these posts that support your endeavors?

I'm looking forward to your posts about how "the boys" are getting along!



Nicole, the new pony looks like he is going to be a great buddy for Image....how exciting for you! I bet you are counting down the days until he arrives to his new home!! Congrats!!
Congrats Nicole!! He looks like the perfect little project pony and I'm sure Image will love having a buddy to rough house with!!
Ohh, he's a doll! I'm so happy for you!

I hope you post more photos of him too!
Boy are you gonna have fun with this pony.
He's perfect for you and for Image. I like him.
He looks great for what you want. Have fun with him.

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