We were accedental guests of honor at a pony party!

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Apr 26, 2006
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The Exact Center of CA, 3,158 mi from the north p
I went out with Phebe ground driving today, and things were going so well that I decided to go out onto the road. we went about a half mile or so and cars didnt seem to bother her at all so I decided to go a little farther to a local park. on sunday mornings its usaly empty. well as we came around the last hill I saw there was a kids Bday party going on. they spoted us at the same time. all of a sudden there were 20 kids running tward us. so I yelled at the kids to stop right there and I would come over to them. Phebe really likes attn, so she was up for this. the kids were mostly aged 1thru 5 were really good. I asked them to line up along a curb so that everyones feet were safely on the other side from phebe. every one got to pet her. they all asked alot of questions. and they all went away with hairy hands as shes sheading. so some little girl got an unexpected pony party. DR.