We have a pinto colt !!

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Sep 3, 2011
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I posted on the marestare forum of chessie with pics.she never fully filled with milk,nor did she get the v shape before delivering..i just,wanted to share pictures of her foal delivered today..this is the first mare ive had that didnt "drop"...she still looks pregnant..he is doing great..and the first colt of her 6 foals.both mares that have foaled so far foaled on the same date last year! Ironic


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Congratulations, he's got some super crazy patterns going on. Love em! 2 on the same date too....how wierd is that!! Was it an easy delivery? Any thoughts on a name yet?
Thanks all!! The delivery had to be quick.i had been outside 30 mins prior...heard some ruckus and ran out..he was dried off and trotting beside mom through the pasture..i thought for sure she had another week or so to go..i havent came up with a name yet...but domino seems to fit him as a barn name...lol
Oh yeah..before I forget..how does a sorrel pinto and a homozygous black pinto produce black pinto? Her parents were a palomino and the other a bay pinto...does that mean she carries black also?
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Huge congratulations!!!! He's a super little doll!!! <3
Black is dominant over red, so if a red pinto is bred to a homozygous for black, the foal will be black based.

Congratulations on your colt!!!!!
Thanks everyone! I was going to sell him as I dont need another colt...but his movement, and proud...spunkiness has changed my mind..i think he will be around a while.here are some new pics



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