watching both want to play?

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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Hope you guys do not mind, lets vote who will go first?

Who do you think will go first? Diana or Flirt?

Brought them both up and watching

I was sure there would be one baby today

Sorry Diana, I believe Flirt and Diana right behind her...


or Flirt?
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Well I WANT Flirt to go NOW. She looks exhausted. With Diana a close second! I've been glued to these two and I hope and pray for textbook deliveries!
I say Diana by a nose! tee hee. I have been watching them both along with my own mare who is due any time now too.
I have been wondering the same thing!! I thought for sure it would be diane last night. Now im not so sure. My vet was just here and flirt got out in the mud and storm. She started rolling and kicking out there and my vet and I both had a heart attack. Finally got her back in and my vet said "that mare is going to foal in the next couple hours!" I had to laugh and tell him I have thought that for 3 days!

This makes the monotony of mare stare much more fun!!

shoot my neighbors horse got out. can someone watch the cam and call my cell phone if she does anything


Okay another disaster averted horse is back in lol
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I don't mind at all!

Let's see... original due date for Diana was April 7. Do I get the prize for the longest watch? LOL

I don't think we can use the not eating while in early labor thing with Diana. She munches constantly-- even if it's just on the straw! I can't imagine her being awake and not nibbling for food! lol
I think Flirt will go first then Diana...the race is on!!!

I think Flirt will go first then Diana...the race is on!!!
Darn it...I have to go to work!!! Hey Joyce, will you call me via cell if anything happens before tonight?
Well I just dont know who will go first! Flirt looks closer to me if you can go by looks. But I bet they go about the same time!

I am watching both!
I just noticed my avatar picture was gone. Hmmm, I had to refresh it. That was strange. I need to learn how to do the ones with the rotating pictures!

come on girls!

Diana milk test alert!!!!! Chocolate or Vanilla?? Ooops!
I'm thinking it's not as much fun as it's cracked up to be!

You got THAT right!! When I have a mare that looks like she's about to pop, I'm afraid to even take a shower without someone here to keep an eye on the mare for me. Somehow they seem to be psychic and KNOW when you are temporarily unavailable.

I'm watching both mares too, and I would also guess that Flirt will go first. But time will tell, lol!
Thats funny Magic! These aren't even my horses and I don't even want to run and pee!!! (Can I say that)!

I haven't even cleaned my stalls yet! Uggg! I do feel worse for Flirt, she is SO TIREDl She is laying down now. Jeeze, I wish this baby would just walk out!!!!!!!
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Can we see a belly picture of Flirt?

Do you do pH testing on her milk? I know she's kinda skittish...

I am trying to count for you guys? hope this correct if not, someone correct me

Flirt coming in with 6 & Diana behind only 2

Never know with minis
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Kinda skittish?? LOL. take that times 4
Actually shes so much better then last year but still cant test her milk. Yesterday when it was dripping it was thick sticky colostrum. The vet said because she has "wry tail" (holding it to the side) she will foal today but I told him shes had wry tail for 3 days. We will see if hes right. Im going to run out and try to get a couple pics of her belly and udder. Wish me luck

I havent even taken a shower today! so no making fun of me as I was out in the storm earlier (thats my excuse)
Here ya go. sorry they are so dark but I couldnt open the door as its locked from the other side because of the storms today. I knocked the wax off checking her but she squirted a bit on me and its very sticky. Wish I could see the color though ughh. Heck we should guess the color and sex too LOL. Ill send a prize to whoever is closest. Im going to try to shower. she seems calm right now


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